12 Attributes of a True Gentleman

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To be honest, in my 19 years of life, I have never seen a man that I could call a gentleman, mainly because I could never recognize one. Or in other words, I have never been taught who is a gentleman or what qualities does a gentleman possess.

So this morning I asked my parents how I would recognize one. At first, my dad just said that I could write all his qualities and we all laughed. But then both of my parents got serious and gave me 12 points that make a gentleman.

Respects women

My mom told me that according to the dictionary, a gentleman is defined as a man who respects women and truly respects women. This is the first and foremost quality of a man. A man is not a gentleman if he does not possess this quality even if all the other qualities are present in him. And obviously, any man who respects a woman will not ever raise his hand to her.

Respecting women also means respecting her views and choices. A man who doesn’t throw a tantrum when he gets rejected by a woman, a man who doesn’t look down on a girl when she says she likes some kind of sport but doesn’t know anything.


No man would constantly keep lying to you about who he is and what he does. There are people who brag about how many people they have slept with. How many push ups they can do, how much they earn, etc etc. A real gentleman would be completely honest about everything he is and everything that is around him.

He would tell you that he hasn’t really had a girlfriend, earns a little, or maybe tells you how many times he has been heartbroken.

A man of principles

A person of the principle means someone who faithfully follows their principle or set of principles rather than abandoning them when convenient.

No gentleman would stray from his own made principle. He follows them without stumbling from his path.

Soft spoken

Any man who raises his voice is not a gentleman. Soft spoken also means that he says no swear words. Every soft spoken man may not be a gentleman. But every gentleman is a soft spoken man.


What’ a gentleman without manners. Second, to respect women, no man is a gentleman without manners. By manners, I don’t mean opening a door for a lady. By manners I mean, all sorts of manners. These manners include not dropping your food all over the place, not listening to the telly too loud, not making someone wait for something, talking in a low voice, not responding to any negative comment etc. Manners also mean asking for consent before you touch a woman.



Do you know how much important kindness is to this world? Without kindness, this world is nothing but chaos. And kindness always attracts people!


No gentleman brags about anything. He is humble in every way.


The biggest example of the most modest person is Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Modesty only brings you closer to people.



Chivalry isn’t dead if you have it.


If a man is patient while someone is testing his patience. It is a clear sign that he is a true man.


Ah, a calm and composed man is so attractive tbh.

Great sense of Humor

My MOST favourite attribute in any gentleman. I’d rather spend my whole life with a guy who can make me laugh and laughs at my own silly jokes rather than spend it with the grumpiest person on earth. Humor always attracts everyone


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