10 Common Cons Of Living In Joint Family System In Pakistan

Joint family system

Being a totally Desi country, Pakistan has got a common culture of joint family system. This system can be found in almost every home of this country and has it’s own charm.

But oh, wait! The charm is clearly being defeated in Pakistan by the cons of this system. Yes, joint family system has it’s own beauty and many people love to live in it.

While some people on a serious note really get tired of this torture in the name of joint family system and want to get separated as soon as they can.

After personal experience and observation, we have listed 10 common cons of living in joint family system in Pakistan and trust me you will find them all, “omgsotrue!”

1. No privacy

Joint family system

Well, everybody out there knows that there is not anything named “privacy” in joint family system.

Mostly people living with taya, chacha, know that how chachis and tayis are always on a mission to disturb your privacy and jump into your matters without even asked.

They are clearly unaware of the term, “mind your own business.”

2. Grab yourself for karway indirect ta’anay

Joint family system

If you spend too much money on shopping and you don’t know single thing about ghar dari then your horrible chachi is ready to taunt either directly or indirectly as quick as the speed of light.

3. Family politics

Joint family system

The siyasat in families is surely more dangerous than the one going on in the country on national level. With gossiping and backbiting, the kings and queens of family politics get their ultimate goal which is “fasaad.”

4. Unlimited khandani jangein

Joint family system

The family wars being more horrible than any world war can leave you surprised. How every aglay pichley relatives of dewranis and jethanis are being dragged in their every other fight is just so disgusting.

5. Too much comparison

Joint family system

The comparison for no reason is just so common in joint family system in Pakistan. From your shoes to your dupatta and from your pencil to grades, everything is being compared with your cousins by their parents and it’s actually irritating. Like okay, your child is perfect, I am garbage, forgive me!

6. Home cum guest house

Joint family system

And yes, in joint family system, forget about any personal room or your space even. Because, everyday a new mehman is at your home and their kids are jumping at your bed as if it’s a bouncer. Your home is more like a guest house and you have to be a nice host just everyday or thrice a week atleast.

7. Noise pollution

Joint family system

The amount of noise in a house with joint family system is beyond your imagination. Everyone is having his own say; someone is screaming for food, someone for pressed clothes while someone screaming to shut them all. Consequently, one gets to hear nothing but screams of many.

8. Locked in room

Joint family system

This happens alot; whenever your tayi or chachi have guests at their portion, you are restricted by your mom to stay in the room and not to come over their side especially when food is being served.

For this purpose, all of you siblings are being locked in the room for hours. Like, true example of killing the freedom of even looking at delicious food.

9. Can’t get peaceful tanhayi

Joint family system

And it’s real hard to have your own alone time in joint family system. Every time you try to sit alone, some cousin or elder will intervene and took all the tanhayi feels away.

10. Hub of jasoosi

Joint family system

Being adults, when you get your new gadgets, your cousins and tayis get on a mission of spying against you. Also, you and your mom always fear talking loudly as anyone can hear your conversation. You must have listened this phrase more often from your mother that, “ahista bolo.”

It’s not like that, there is no good side of joint family system but today it’s really hard to live in this system because of the intolerance and increased negative feelings among people.

So better to live alone and with peace if you aren’t getting this in joint family system.

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