These 10 most Dreadful Lies Around Daily-Use Objects Will Make You Think Twice For Everything

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Ever since we were kids our parents made many fairy tale stories and told us so that we can mantain discipline and we keep ourselve safe. Tooth fairy also exist at that time so that we should clean our teeth. My mom even told me a story that keep your room clean otherwise all the toys will get together and eat you at night. Well, those tales were simply harmless lies, which was told to us by our parents in order to keep check. So those tales are supposed to end when we grow up, Right?..Hmm, probably not. Now we are surrounded by many lies which can be harmful, they are not by our parents side but from commercial industries.

Here I will tell you that how our life is surrounded by the lieson the objects which we use in our daily routine.

Evidence 1

I cut this super glue out of it’s plastic container, made in US, but after cutting it I found a Russain variety.


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Evidence 2

Cracked bowling-ball revealed another ball hidden inside it. INTERESTING!


Evidence 3

I have opened the BIC lighter and found out a smaller BIC lighter inside it.


Evidence 4

Couple of days ago, my SD card was broken, I just opened it and found a small SD card inside it.


Evidence 5

The inside of my iPad case is made of old toothpaste boxes.


Evidence 6

The inside of girl’s bracelet is a form of tape measure. The only thing they are measuring my patience.


Evidence 7

The Bocce ball is full of small balls.


Evidence 8

The core of this rope is recycled diaper. Ughh!!


Evidence 9

Wooh! I found out Shaq hiding inside Arnold Palmer. That’s quite clever. Isn’t it?


Evidence 10

One of my Ludo dice cracked, however it revealed another one inside it. Umm honestly if you look it, it’s a genius idea.


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