10 Fairy-Tale Places Which People Should Visit Who Are Tired Of Noisy Places

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Everyone wants to get rid of their day to day life, they wants a change in their life away from these noisy places.You gradually take your attention towards the noisy environment and observe each sound and then return to your breath. So, their are many places in the World where one should visit in order to get away from noisy places. The common thing in countryside is the clean air, clean and small population and an engaging atmosphere. If you are also among them who are tired of their daily life and want to get rid of noisy places, then don’t worry here I’am to tell you the 10 Worldwide places you should visit.

  1. Hallstatt, Austria

The population of Hallstatt does not exceed more than 1000 people. It’s also one of the most unique places as it is located on a narrow strip of land between the artistic Alp mountains and a lake. Here on the mountain, you’ll find beautiful houses surrounded by azure lake.


  1. Rainbow Village, Taichung Taiwan

Today it is one of the most visited tourist destination in Taiwan. On the eventually left by almost all of its citizens. The authorities decided over there to demolish the houses, but an 86 year old war veteran painted the walls of the houses with different characters and patterns in order to dave his house.


  1. Marsaxlokk, Malta
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Marsaxlokk is a colorful fisherman village located on the island of Malta. The houses made of yellow sandstones are located way too near to the water, it is closed to the water because their are no storms in this harbor. Only two lanes are left over by the houses, one for the pedestrian,and the other for the traffic. The population of this area is approximately 3000 and most people over here are fisherman, which is their work for the ages.


  1. Alberobello, Italy

It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Alberobello is famous for it’s complex consisiting of 1400 trullo buildings, these buildings are recognized by UNESCO as part of the historical place. Trullos are residential farmhouses made of limestone. The word Trullo is a latin word which means Dome.


  1. Monsanto, Portugal

A small settlement with the name Monsanto which means, “The most Portuguese village of Portugal”. It reflects the uniqueness of local architecture very perfectly. Here it’s difficult to say that whether stones are made up of houses or houses are made up of stone. Boulders over here serve as walls and roof of the houses.


  1. Uchisar, Turkey

There arer many villages in this area, but Uchisar remains the most populated area. The biggest part of the city’s population lives in a village that looks pretty modern and is situated next to this famous and wonderful wonder of nature. It’s look and the view that opens up when standing on the cliff makes it another wonder of the World.


  1. Bibury, England

The village of Bibury is famous among people seeking inspiration due to it’s outstanding beauty. It was founded almost 1000 years ago. When you visit here you will most probably go back to the 11th century because of it’s old architecture, lack of any kind of vehicles, adorable nature and other things. Because of it’s artistic nature many of the Bollywood movies were filmed over here.


  1. The Faroe Islands, The village of Gasadalur, Denmark.

The village of Gasadalur is located in an extremely awesome looking valley between the highset cliffs of the Island of Vagar that is the part of the Faroe. In 2002 the population of this area was extremly low , only 16 people werel living over there. In 2004 a tunnel was built between the city and this and village in order to simplify te movement of people from the village and since then, tourists have started their tour to this place.


  1. San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano was established in the 3rd century by the Etruscan people. Initially, it used to be very tiny village, but than it became into a Gaint town in  10th century. The extraodinary feature of ths city is the tower houses Previously their were 72 tower houses but unfortunately, their are only 14 tower houses are left. It is the heart of the whole Turkey and Tuscany in particular.


  1. Reine Lofoten, Norway

Reine is a fishing village with surrealistic landscapes, cozy houses and their are only about 350 residents. Reine is a compact village located below the mountains around the Fjord that was founded in 1743. This idylic village attracts thousand of tourists travelling from all over the World to admire the natural beauty.






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