10 Intersting Things For Couples,Each Couple Should Do At Least Once


In the running walk of life , we should do many intersting things which give us comfort and relaxation, but if we talk about couples and about mutual understanding between them there are lots of problems revealed around us. There are some intersting things a couple can really do, but some couples ignore such type of activities. so here we are introducing some intersting things for every couple in the world and they should try at least once, and  if you like them repeat these things in your future.

Massage each other

Yes!! massaging each other. It is the best way to get out all the tention and stress out from your body, and also guys love to have massage. It is also the best way for having the strongest bond between couples. The benefit of giving massage is that your partner is probably going to want to return the favor.


Cook together

If you are happy with your partner and you want to build some more compatibility with your partner, and want to make your relationship more strong and interesting, you must have try to cook with each other. In this way you will not get any stress from kitchen’s work and you become healthier and happier.


Watching porn together

Everyone watch porn, couples have to watch porn together and it is the successful way of provocative a relationship that has slowed down. This is the most contended option for the couples that are more into computers and browsing the web.


By using food during foreplay

Organize food during foreplay is not awful and inaudible thing to do. You can make your foreplay more interesting by using food. It doesn’t mean that you plaster it all over your body , you could it for instance, split a cherry together , or use any drink in an interesting way.


Visit fresh air

If you are adventurous make plans together and visit any hill station, you can set up a tent and spend night over there or two while exploring the place. You can definitely visit outdoors with your partner to make the relationship strong.

Shop for undies together

Everyone likes to see their partner wearing some sexy undies and underwear. You must involved your better half to buy such things. In this way everyone gets exactly what they want.

Doing it in the shower

Every couple should try this at once, having sex while showering together. Show your passion in it and do it in different and interesting ways. It is the way to keep the bond strong.


Try using bondage

Bondage is a sex toy and is a more advance sexual tool,  that should only be tried after first speaking about it with your partner. Imagine the terrible experience your partner would have if you try to bondage them with asking first so don’t do it.

Write sensual fiction

It is the best way or we can say that it is the best and powerful tool to make your partner happy and mentaly healthy. Writing for your partner is a very cool way to lift their mood. Try this out in your life and have some intersting results.

Understand each other hobbies

If you like to better get to know your partner, you should definitely try to learn and understand each other hobbies. By this you may find that you really love doing your partner’s hobby with them.


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