These 10 Points About Zaroon Of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” Show That He Ain’t Someone Even Close To ‘Ideal Man’


Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a huge hit of its time and even after years one can’t get bored watching it again and again. Zaroon and Kashaf from this drama were the important characters and people remember them even today.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai covered many subjects and was one of the best Pakistani dramas certainly that taught us so many lessons.

Kashaf of this show was a fierce, strong woman who after facing so many struggles finally achieved her goals which made her father realize that daughters ain’t any less.

On the other hand, there was a character of Zaroon, the handsome, charming yet male chauvinist who was just like another typical and stupid desi guy.

Here are some 10 points about Zaroon that have been noticed after watching him in Zindagi Gulzar Hai and tbh, these points are enough to tell that Zaroon Junaid was never an ideal man. He wasn’t even close to that.

1. He was a flirt

Master in being flirt and having list of girlfriends, Zaroon was of that kind. And flirts are never ideal, never.


2. He had this mentality that all women will always fall for him

He was that kind of man who because of his good looks thought that every other woman will fall for him because OMG! Such a handsome boy. But er, no! Actually men with such mentality are the most stupid ones (and not at all ideal) who think that only good looks matter to a woman.


3. He was a sick man who took Kashaf as a challenge

When Kashaf didn’t respond to Zaroon like some other girls he took her as a challenge to get into a relationship with her just to leave her eventually. This was to elevate Zaroon according to him and shatter Kashaf’s attitude. So sick! No?


Amazing thing was Zaroon’s plan didn’t work on Kashaf as she always remained at a distance from him and was of strong character.

4. Zaroon berated Asmara even for her clothes and hanging out with her male friends

Once in university he criticised Asmara for wearing weird clothes. And when both Zaroon and Asmara got engaged, he once got mad and literally berated her for hanging out with her male friends. He was the type of fiance who tried to control his fiancee and as Asmara wasn’t the one who could be controlled, thus the breakup happened between them. You see, how typical and conservative he was.


5. He was a conservative man who didn’t like headstrong and liberal women

After marrying Kashaf, he told her that he is a conservative man who doesn’t like headstrong and liberal women. Like ugh! Literally hate him for this. What’s wrong with liberal and headstrong women? Nothing. They can stand up for themselves of which some men get scared.


6. He was a kind of man who fights with his wife for not telling him about her past marriage proposal

So we all remember that how Zaroon reacted when Osama told him about his proposal to Kashaf before he married Kashaf. How sick of him.

That was something before their marriage but he expected from Kashaf to tell him that as proposal was from his friend. To be honest, this was so stupid of him.

It was totally Kashaf’s choice to tell him or not about the proposal and he wasn’t supposed to make a big deal out of it but he did so because he was ever typical.


7. But but, check out his hypocrisy here when he failed to understand Kashaf’s anger when she came to know that he was secretly texting Asmara, his ex-fiancee

On the other hand, Kashaf’s reaction over his covertly texting to Asmara after marriage was something Zaroon failed to understand.

Like man, you weren’t okay with your wife not telling you about her past marriage proposals but expected from the wife to be all okay with you texting your ex-fiancee secretly that too after marriage. What a hypocrite Zaroon Junaid was, told ya, not even close to the term ‘ideal man.’


8. Zaroon never realized his mistake even after Kashaf left

So Kashaf left after the fight with Zaroon over texting Asmara but he didn’t realize his mistake even then. So who was being headstrong or stubborn? Oh! To Zaroon, it might be okay for men. Typical misogynist!


9. He used to criticize his mother too for giving more attention to work than home (kind of a man who thinks that personal life or privacy of women ends after marriage)

For once you must have noticed that how Zaroon used to criticize his mother that how she was more into her social life than family life. Clearly he was of that kind who thinks that woman’s personal life gets totally finished after marriage. So, so stupid tbh.


10. Btw he almost slapped Kashaf too and was quite a badtameez man who raised his hand against a woman

And who doesn’t remember that famous library scene where Zaroon almost slapped Kashaf when she roasted him on talking shit about her. He didn’t apologize even. This kind of rude and idiot he was and obviously not even close to the definition of ‘ideal man.’ Raising hand against a woman never makes a man ideal and for that reason, Zaroon is cancelled forever.


Kashaf was such a nice, independent woman who to be honest deserved much better than Zaroon as he wasn’t at all Kashaf’s type.

So all the women out there whether you are feminist or no, know this that men like Zaroon are not at all ideal and better to stay away from them.

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