10 Signs That Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend Too


The cousin-cousin relationship is not as easy and simple as it looks. This tie suffers many storms, gets affected by the tempests but then becomes normal as it was before. And this is the actual beauty of this relation that it gets normal after every storm as if nothing happened.

Sometimes, I think like there is no in between in cousins’ relation. This tie has just two extremes; either besties or either enemies.

Lucky are those people who have found their best friend in their cousin and these ten signs can help you to tell whether your cousin is your bestie boo or not.

1. You tell eachother every single thing


The very first thing is you just can’t resist telling your cousin every little happening of your day. You have to share every minor and major thing that you experienced. It’s just that your cousin is your diary and you write every detail of your life in it.

2. Partners in crime


From every little to big functions, you and your cousin are supposed to be partners in crime. If you share some interesting bond with your cousin and able to have all kind of weird stuff done with her/him, then you have got your partner in crime, already.

3. Talk eachother every single day


It gets really boring and tough when one of you is busy and can’t have a time to talk to eachother. You both are comedians of eachother’s lives and manage to talk to eachother every single day no matter how busy you both are.

4. Understands eachother well


Cousins are the ones who know eachother since childhood. From being baby to teen, your cousin knows when you need what and can read what’s going inside you just by your face. They are the ones who never need explanations for anything because they know and understand you better than anyone else.

5. You both have same taste


From TV shows to movies and from food to people, you both share the same taste and love to discuss your choices.

6. Love to watch favourite shows together


The time when both of you cousins are together is something you really enjoy and wants it to never end. Watching your favourite shows together is gold as you both get much time to comment on it freely.

7. Keeps secrets


You never scare of telling your secrets to your cousin because you trust them with all your secrets. You know that, they will never use those secrets to hurt you no matter what and yes, they can really never ever do that.

8. No family politics can ruin your relation


Cousins are a part of family and families are never politics-free. The family politics is always at its peak and can damage many relations. But if both of you cousins really and actually share strong and loyal bond and want to stick to each other, then no amount of family politics can ruin  your friendship.

9. Have sleepovers and talks till 3:00 am


Sleepovers with cousins is something which you can get so easily and to be honest, it’s one of the best times of your life. Sharing the same bed with cousin, then doing your thing and talking whatever you both want till the sun rises is something you can love the most.

10. No formalities


With cousins, being formal never suits. You don’t say, “Hello!” to them but instead you punch them. You don’t say, “Thank You!” to them but instead you ask for more. You never sugarcoat anything infront of them and tell them what actually the case is. No formalities, actually.

So, if you experience all of the above signs with your cousin and love her/him to the death, then congrats, you have found your best friend in your cousin.

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