These 10 Things You Should Do When Sick But You Actually Don’t


Since it’s winters and getting cold or sick is nothing new in this season. The flu and cough usually with all its force attack you in this season and it’s really annoying at times.

Getting sick is even more irritating and can put you in real trouble when you have to go to work or school too in that condition.

If you live all alone, then you might messed up things too while being sick. No, no! It doesn’t mean that you can’t live alone just because you won’t be able to handle things when sick.

Sickness comes seldom and for that you shouldn’t quit the choice of living alone. Rather you should work on becoming stronger to cope with the sickness even after messing things up as mess can be organized anytime.

However, here are some of the things which we listed that you should definitely do when get sick but oh! You stubborn, lazy kid, you actually don’t practice these healthy things and can get even more sick that too for a longer time.

1. Don’t use phone much


As using phone till late night is a part of routine but when you get sick, you should avoid using phone till late hours. Sticking to your mobile screen during sickness can really worsen your condition; so better to avoid this.

2. Be active


Getting lazy during sickness is normal and natural but remember that laziness can even more make you feel sick. It’s important to take extra rest when sick but avoid being lazy and thinking about how worst your health has become. Engage yourself in positive and healthy activities instead.

3. Take medicines on time


It’s so common that prescribed medicine which is supposed to be taken at nine in the morning will be taken at 12:00 pm by many people and that will consequently left negative impact on your health.

4. Sleep on time


Remaining awake till late hours is a common habit found in today’s generation, no matter how much sleeping earlier has been regarded as a healthy habit. But kids, it’s important to have proper sleep while sickness otherwise you will end up getting more sick.

5. Drink fluids


Drinking fluids especially water is essential when suffering from fever as it will lower the temperature quickly. But people these days hardly drink even one glass of water a day which is so unhealthy.

6. Follow “prevention is cure”


“Prevention is cure” – an ultimate way to complete recovery. People instead of taking preventive measures during sickness, keep on eating unhealthy food like pizza, burger, pasta etc. and end up becoming more sick.

7. See the doctor asap rather than being your own doctor


And who just not become his own doctor when sick? Everyone actually. But we shouldn’t always follow this practice as it might get us in more trouble. So, better to see the doctor at first rather than becoming the one, if you feel like things are really that bad.

8. Take off from work


Taking off from work is one hard task if your boss is strict one to deal with. But you have to take off by requesting the boss otherwise you will feel bad during whole day and won’t be able to work properly even.

9. Avoid watching the whole season the same day when sick


Patience is good most of the times so be patient and watch the seasons when you will be fine rather than watching them during sickness till 3:00 am.

10. Take care of yourself on your own


Instead of depending on others to feed you, it’s better to be independent and take care of yourself on your own. Take responsibility, come on!

We hope that you take notes and start practising all the above mentioned notable things rather than going opposite as always.

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