7 Tips You Should Follow For Saving Your Precious Money


Saving your valuable money for something big which you only dream of doesn’t means that you should stop living a perfect and healthy life.If you are worried about the money which you spent for the things you don’t want then you are at the right place.Many people tries to save money but somehow it’s impossible for them.Here i’ll show you 7 tips which will help you alot in this big journey.

1 Instead of buying a new phone every year,just replace your battery

If your phone starts to feel a bit inactive,just don’t worry you don’t have to buy the whole new phone which is approximately worth in thousands.If you really want to see your phone get back on good terms ,just replace the battery of your phone which is worth $29 to $30.This will work most probably because your battery ages and it is necessary that you should change the battery.


2 When you eat at resturants, avoid ordering juice or soft drinks

Whenever you go out for dinner, you order the cold drinks as it is one of the most necessary thing you have to order.As we all know that the soda which you order is at inflated price, so why buy it? If you really want to drink something ,go for fresh water ,as it is free in resturants and it is also essential for living a healthy life.


3 Unwanted subscripitons may be hidden in appstore

This is one of the biggest wastage of your savings.The appstore subscriptions page is buried under may menus in store.If you really want this subscription to get cancel here are some steps which will help you.Open the appstore, in the “Today” tab,tap the icon in the top right corner which is nameless and round in shape,on the “account” page,tap your name at the top and through using “Touch id” or “Face”y can continue. Scroll down untill you see the word “subscription” written ,tap on it, here you will see every recurring charges,and the option to cancel. Do nothing and just cancel it.This will save you money which you always ignored.

  1. Set aside aproximately 30 minutes to review your finances every week

Take very good care of your savings,like you take care of your health your body and many other things.You should always look ahead at reviewing your total spent in a week,by this you will get aware of the money which you waste and one by one you can easily remove all those unnacessary things from your spent list,this is one of the most interesting and awesome way to save your money.



5 Automatic money saving apps

There are number of new apps like “digits” and “acorns”, these kind of apps help you save small amount of money. If you are new in the journey of saving money,this is one of the first and the best step to start this work.


6 Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from retailer emails

If you are addicted to online shopping you don’t need to keep those emails in your inbox which are advertising a new sale.Don’t be too extravagant,don’t waste your money on shopping, it’s an errand.Only buy things which you desperately need instead of buying everything you see.This will save alot of money for you.


7 Insist on paying what you ordered instead of splitting the bill evenly

When you get to gather with friends, the thing which you most probably do is divide the money equally.This seems good but actually this is not an ideal way, for you if you are interested in saving your money.If you want your money to be saved just give the money of the thing which you ordered.If you split the bill evenly you will have to pay almost $5 to $6, but if you pay the bill of our own things you will pay hardly $3 to $4.If you think that you will look cheaper by doing this, just change the rules when you sit with your friends by showing them this articles.

So these were the 7 tips which will provide you tones of help while saving your money.If this article was helpful for you ,like it and share it with your friends.

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