10 Types Of Men You Need To Avoid If You Are Looking For A Perfect One


Every woman has a dream of having one of the best among the men. It is ones said that women are mostly attracted to the wrong men.This is one of the biggest problem for every girl as its very difficult to know everything about a man they are dating with.Every girl wastes their time in finding a man with best qualities,instead you should know about the types of men you should never date.Dear sweet women,here are 10 types of men you should not date with.Go ahead and see!


 1.The smell guy

No matter how good your man is but if he is a savorless guy,then just imagine yourself,would you dare to even walk with that uninteresting guy?



A relation is all about two people, no one can intercept in it,its built on mutual understanding between the two. Relation is all about care and ascetic,but if a man is selfish just leave him immediately.


3.Very good at acting

The guy who always acts like he is the only one made for you, he will do anything for you, if he always tries to make you believe that he cares and if he is just acting and not fulfilling any of it then no one is worst then that guy.



You should avoid dating a guy who is always busy watching TV shows,movies and doesn’t like to do socializing.You can make hell of difference by dating with that guy, but you should not do it as its risky.


5.The nincompoop

You should definately avoid the man who is very self obssesed ,who thinks that he is the boss. This type of guy can fight with anyone for small reasons and is very short tempered, so you should stay away from this type of guys.


6.The married guy

 A big “NO”. You should avoid dating a married guy ,this can be more troublesome than any other.This will make loads of trouble for you and also for the man’s married life.

7.Mr know it all

The guy who thinks that he is above every one in terms of knowledge and he thinks that he is smarter than anyone else and he don’t need any advice than for God sake leave that man.

8.The hopeless guy

Attraction and desperation are totally two different things.If a guy is desperate than you should avoid him.


9.The man child

If he is in his 30’s but acts very childish then this is one of the serious problems.In a serious relationships this childish behaviour does not works.

10.The f**K guy

This type of bad guys always tries to find a way to get into your skirts.These type of guys lack emotions and true feelings about maintaining the perfect relation. They only need casual hookup with girls and dosen’t have any future commitments.

So these were the types of men which you probably need to avoid.If this article was informative for you and it can change your whole life,than must share it with your friends to let them know about thesekind of men.


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