10 Types Of People You Will Meet When You Live In A Hostel

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Life in hostel is as fun and enjoyable as it sounds, but along with it, it’s also very difficult. However it gets more outstanding when you make various group of friends that have all sorts of personalities which suits you. Here’s a list of friends that we usually find during life in hostel.

The one who provide you with all the snacks

She has all the snacks from noodles to crisps and biscuits, jellies or candies and always stuffs you up with food.


That friend you share wardrobe with

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Thats great when you share same size. So you are comfortable with each other to share your clothes. Sharing makes friendship perfect.


And the one whose shoes you steel 

Again it’s the same size which you share. So you share shoes to mix and match.


The one who is always up for late night parties

That excellent friend has always music blasting in her room so you always have a wonderful dancing and enjoying session with her.


The one who is always in the gym

Whenever you call her, you’ll most probably find her in the gym, lifting that damn weight.


Your roommate who wakes up early in the morning

She is the only one who wakes up early for the breakfast, but as she is your roommate so she is not the only one to wake up this early. It’s annoying that you also have to wake up.


The book nerd

She owns a huge variety of books and always gives you one.


The homesick crybaby

The one who is too mummy daddy kind of a girl. She’s packing her bag to home every weekend.


The one who has a ‘secret stash’

We don’t talk about her but we all know who she is.


Your prank partner

That one friend with whom you do all the disturbing stuff.


So these were those 10 friends we were talking about. If you met someone we missed, so do share it in the comments.




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