10 Winter Struggles Accurately Illustrated In These Comics


Winter definitely comes with all its pros and cons but let’s just say that it’s one good season of all the seasons. But we also can’t deny the struggles we face in the winters just like there are many problems which we do face in the summer season.

One of the tough tasks is to get out of your warm bed in the winters that too early in the morning for work, school or walk. Er, people really skip going for walk in such cold mornings.

Taking shower is another big deal in the cold season of winter when you find it hard to move away a little from your warm heater.

And once you are done with the shower despite freezing and it’s not a sunny day out there, then oh well, your irritation level just gets so high. Don’t worry and relax; just stick to your heater again.

However, here are 10 winter struggles which have been amazingly illustrated in these comics of the talented artists.

1. Early sunset


Early sunset is one of the aspects of the winter which is hard to cope with, actually. Sunny days are totally a blessing in the winters and early sunset makes you feel like sun should stay more but it doesn’t so go into your bed fast.

2. Leaving warm bed is hard


Surely, leaving warm bed and blanket is too tough in the winter that if you will be allowed to stay in your bed whole day, you won’t be minding the deal.

3. Going to work is too tough in winter


Waking up early in the winter, either for school or work, is hard, real hard. Because sleeping in bed in the early mornings of the winter is totally a bliss.

4. Dry lips are annoying


Ugh! Lips do get dry in winters frequently and it’s really annoying. Yes, keeping your lip balm with you is common in winters.

5. Dressing doesn’t go like you had thought


Winter has this amazing ability to change your dressing style in minutes and yes, you do the way you are required to do.

6. Hair problems


Don’t expect your hair to be all straight and totally fresh during whole day in winters because it’s not gonna happen. How about tying the hair?

7. Laziness


Laziness comes with winter and goes as the summer arrives. From being in bed to not going at work and from avoiding the shower to sitting whole day infront of the fire is all what laziness means in the winter.

8. Winter mornings problems


Winter mornings are hard to cope with as they are cold, makes you lazy and let you roam around with your blanket.

9. Everything gets froze


It’s too relatable as one moment you will keep your tea to get less hotter and the other moment it will get froze.

10. One moment you are freezing and as soon as you enter the heated room, you feel like throwing away your coat and boots


You will get out of your home with all the boots, socks, cap and coat on, but the moment you will enter the extremely heated room, you will feel like throwing away the coat and boots.

Despite of all the struggles winter comes with, we love this season with all its charm and coldness.

Note: All the comics in this article are created by their real artists. We haven’t designed them; all credits to the original artists.

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