11 Dialogues From Bol Movie That Tell Us Some Very Real Things


Bol movie is one great film of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and no movie like it has been ever made. This filmĀ covers so many subjects of society in less than a 3 hours movie.

The movie being directed by Shoaib Mansoor with super talented cast was a huge hit of its time and still today, it’s much better than so many films that are coming out.

From Humaima Malik to Mahira Khan and from Atif Aslam to Emaan Ali, the cast of the movie is best of the best and all acted so amazingly.


The most strong character in the Bol was played by Humaima Malik who totally nailed it with her super awesome acting.

The movie shows the subject of the stereotypical attitude of the society towards the transgenders and an extremely crazy desire of men to have a son.

Also, it throws light on how much unwanted daughters are in this society and how the men criticize their wives for giving birth to the daughters.

The movie deals with other so many subjects and many issues of our society are covered in it in a very fine way.

However, the movie contains some very good dialogues which at one side amaze us and at the other side show the ugly realities as well.

Here are some worth sharing dialogues of this great Pakistani film;

1. The toxic masculinity


“Mard hain na abba jaha la-jawab huye waha haath chalnay lagey.” – Bol

2. So, so accurate. We don’t speak up when we should; like remaining silent ain’t the option always


“Hamaray muashray mein bohat si burayian sirf isliye khatam nahi hu rahi kuin kay hum boltay nahi hain, khamosh hu jatay hain, kabhi apni izzat kay liye aur kabhi kisi aur ki izzat kay liye.” – Bol

3. All for a “beta


“Merey abba ki amdani bhi kum huti gae, liken bachay barhtey gaye.” – Bol

4. If your kids get terrified in your presence then think that what kind of a father you are?


“Abba ka khouf tou saray ghar par hi hamesha se ta’ari tha.” – Bol

5. This!


“Khuda ko Khaaliq bhi mantay hain aur Uski takhleeq se itni nafrat bhi kartay hain.” – Bol

6. Comfort of people with authority is more important than subjects’ lives here. Sigh!


“Liken the President of Pakistan ki neend ziyada important thi is larki ki zindagi se.” – Bol

7. The male hypocrisy


“Humein qaidi bana kay ghar mein rakha aur khud deen daari ki aarh mein gulcharay uratey rahey.” – Bol

8. Think about yourself that what are you?


“Aray apney mou ki fiker kijiye, kiya mou le kar jyeinge Khuda kay pas?” – Bol

9. When things become intolerable


“Qadam toh ab bahir nikleinge abba.” – Bol

10. Like…this one makes you speechless


“Jayiz bachay paida kar k unki zindagiyan haram kar dena jurm kuin nahi?” – Bol

11. Food for thought


“Insaan paida kiye hain dawaiyon ki botlay nahi.” – Bol

However, this movie is one great work of Shoaib Mansoor and one should watch it at least once in a lifetime as it’s totally an epic film and (obviously) worth watching.

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