The 11 Different Types Of Wives That Exist In Every Desi Society

Desi society

Desi society is one distinct group of people with totally weird yet beautiful characteristics. Like desis are kinda weird people as at one moment they will be excited like hell while at the other moment they will be crying because of an issue.

They are emotional like hell yet inexpressive too. Some of them are like so blunt and some are too shy; there is no in-between.

Desi society has many plus points but many drawbacks as well. Desi people value culture, religion and celebrate many amazing festivals. On the other hand, majority of them are so conservative and love to gossip.

However, relations are given great importance among desis. The relation of husband and wife is considered as a strong bond and it is believed that this relationship plays a major role in building a progressive society.

But we can’t neglect the fact that husbands are given more immunities and privileges among desis than to wives. But this doesn’t mean that wives are of zero importance.

Irrespective of the perspectives of a desi society, wives are equally important as husbands and to be honest, there is a list of different types of wives that exist in every desi society. Few kinds are here;

1. The sharmeeli

These are more like old days wives who shy like hell at every little thing. They talk less and shy more. The ultimate sharmeeli beevyan.

Desi society

2. The blunt

They are totally opposite to the former ones as they are so straightforward and blunt. You can call them brutally honest or mou-phatt but they are the real souls. These wives can intimidate husbands very often.

Desi society

3. The one who is always ready to compromise

These type of wives are the ones who think that compromise is the solution of all the problems and that wife should compromise in any case no matter what.

Desi society

4. The feminist

These kind of wives are not much among desis but with passing time, they are increasing in number which is good. They fight for themselves instead of staying silent like a warrior.

Desi society

5. The khamosh bv of desi society

These ones are most of the time on silent mode and prefer to stay quiet than to talk without any reason. Btw, they hardly talk even when they should.

Desi society

6. The independent one

These type of desi wives don’t underestimate the benefits of being independent. They work and earn; they don’t depend on husbands for little needs.

Desi society

7. The one with all the traits of typical desi wife

These kind of wives have all the traits of a typical desi wife as they keep check on husbands, they love romantic partners and they deem husbands as something big, more like a sartaaj, etc.

Desi society

8. The fighter bv

These ones are always in mood to fight and they never miss a chance to get into argument with husband or mother-in-law for that matter and at times, they are right too.

Desi society

9. The ‘yes boss’ wife

These are the ones who just follow husbands like a robot and say ‘yes’ to their every order no matter how irrational and stupid the command would be.

Desi society

10. Wife-cum-friend

They are just like the buddies of their husbands and these are the coolest ones.

Desi society

11. The stubborn one

These type of wives are so stubborn and months will pass but they won’t change their decision. They are hard to deal with but only some lucky ones can do so.

Desi society

From sharmeeli to mou-phatt and from laraaki to ziddi, wives are one of the best souls on earth who should be respected, loved and valued; so better do that, you all men out there!

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