11 Hard-hitting Lines By Jaun Elia That Are Certainly Worth Reading

Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia is one of those names of the Urdu literature whose quotes and works reflect his ability to speak the truth about different aspects of the society fearlessly.

He was not only a great poet but also an outstanding philosopher. Being fluent in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, Sanskrit and Hebrew, Jaun is one of the most prominent poets in Pakistan.

He was actually born in 1931 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. Pakistan got independence when he was young and being a communist, he was not in favour of the idea of partition.

But later, Jaun accepted it as a compromise and migrated to Pakistan in 1957 where he started living in Karachi.

Jaun Elia

The famous works of this poet are Gumaan, Lekin, Ramooz, Goya, Farnood and many others.

However, Jaun always amazed people with his hard-hitting writings which reveal the distinct realities of our society and very often those realities are ugly.

The quotes of this man are just so candid that we can’t resist to not to share them. So, here are some best of the best lines by Jaun that are totally worth reading.

1. Because here, ‘speaking truth’ is deemed as ‘getting trapped’

Jaun Elia

“Sach bolna aik jurm hai aur hum ne ye jurm qabool kia.” – Jaun Elia

2. There is a ‘message’ in ‘no message’ and to be honest, very few people are capable of understanding that message in disguise

Jaun Elia

Meri khamoshi musalsal ko
aik musalsal gilla samjh lijiye
– Jaun Elia

3. Because ain’t nobody an angel

Jaun Elia

“Tum jis kay baray main bohat achi raye rakhtay hu, usi kay baray main buri raye bhi rakho.” – Jaun 

4. The efforts of the students of the Aligarh

Jaun Elia

“Pakistan…ye sab Aligarh kay laundon ki shararat thi…” – Jaun Elia

5. Such is life

Jaun Elia

“Haal yeh hai kay apni halat par ghor karnay se bach raha hun.” – Jaun Elia

6. No room for progressive thinking and lots of encouragement for being a bot

Jaun Elia

“Sochna kal bhi jurm tha aur aj bhi jurm hai.” – Jaun Elia

7. So, so apt; we justify every stupid thing every single time

Jaun Elia

“Jahalat ko jitni ria’ayatein (رعایتیں) hamaray samaaj mein di gayein hain us ki misaal shahid hi kahi mil sakay.” – Jaun Elia

8. No one is impressive anymore

Jaun Elia

“Meiney lougo se mutaasir huna chor dia kuin kay loug wo nahi hutey jo nazar atay hain.” – Jaun Elia

9. Jaun Elia and his critical thoughts

Jaun Elia

“Bohat sey lougo ko parhna chaye magar wo likh rahein hain.” – Jaun Elia

10. Can we call it a downfall of our society?

Jaun Elia

“Is samaaj main jo aadmi bura nahi hai wo bewaqoof hai.” – Jaun Elia

11. His this question can be asked even today where humans are living with no humanity

Jaun Elia

“Hum jis tarah se reh rahey hain, kiya is rehney ko ahsaas aur shao’or ki halat main rehna kaha ja sakta hai?” – Jaun 

However, this man gave us some very real and honest writings of the Urdu literature and his every line throws light on different issues of the society.

Main jo hun, Jaun Elia hun janab
Is ka bay-had lihaaz kijiye ga
– Jaun Elia

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