11 Struggles That All Daughters-in-law Of Pakistani Families Can Totally Relate To


Being a bahu in Pakistan is one tough thing as it’s being attached with so many expectations and responsibilities. The daughters-in-law are burdened with so many tasks that they ultimately forget about their own personality and end up facing struggles.

Well yes, this is not the case in every Pakistani family but believe it or not, it’s the norm in majority of families in Pakistan.

Even Pakistanis living abroad don’t resist to practice the norm of treating daughters-in-law as their property.

However, here are eleven of many struggles which daughters-in-law face in Pakistani families.

1. You are expected to be a perfect human on earth

The very common notion about daughters-in-law is that they should be perfect in every aspect of life. From kitchen to cleaning and from socializing to other house chores, the bahu rani should work perfectly; one of many struggles, basically.


2. You should always be ready

The daughters-in-law are not supposed to roam around in their pajamas and should be always ready like a bride.


3. You should wake up earlier than anyone else at home

It’s a prime job of a bahu to wake up before anyone else at home and ready the breakfast for all.


4. You shouldn’t stay in your room for long

Staying of daughter-in-law in her room for more than five minutes is considered as very immoral and rude. She should sit with in-laws the whole day no matter what.


5. You are expected to set a smile on your face 24/7

Yeap, daughters-in-law are not supposed to be upset or set any other expression on their faces but a perfect smile. Fake or not, who cares, you should smile anyway.


6. You are not allowed to complain

So, good daughters-in-law never complain about anything and if they dare to, they are being replied with, “SHH!”


7. You are born to serve your in-laws

One of the many struggles faced by bahus is that the only job they can do is to serve their in-laws, all day and night. You can work; works like cooking, cleaning, washing and many other house chores.


8. You should tolerate the taunts

Patience and tolerance are most important ingredients of making a perfect bahu and she has to go with these no matter what kind of taunts she has to face.


9. You are not allowed to argue

A daughter-in-law should agree to even whatever crap her in-laws utter and she can’t simply argue. Whatever her in-laws say should be deemed as right, right and right.


10. You should become mother within one year of your shaadi

The most typical thing found in most of the Pakistani families is that they want their bahu to become a mother and give them a pota as soon as she could.


11. Your job is to be silent but to talk as well

That’s confusing actually when in-laws want their daughters-in-law to be quiet one yet they complain about her silent mode too.

“Achi larkiyan ziyada nahi bolti.”

“Ye toh mouh see kay beth jaati hai.”


Confusing! Actually the in-laws are most confused creatures found on this earth and are born to annoy others’ daughters right after rukhsati.

However, before and after shaadi versions of the in-laws are totally different and contrary from each other and often a true example of hypocrisy.

Anyways, our sympathies are with all the daughters-in-law struggling out there. May you get peace and sukh in your sasuraal.

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