11 Things About Growing Up Desi That Are Hard To Forget


Being desi is a both blessing and something tough. It’s blessing because there are many perks of being desi. It’s tough because of typical and conservative perspectives of the brown people that make life difficult.

But there is something more to it; like desi people are so weird and have different weird ways of expressing themselves. Like dad gets angry on getting the gifts from you and mom scolds you when you give her a hug.

So in the midst of all these weird things, growing up desi is little weird, little cute, little amazing and little awkward too. Like come on! Getting eidi on Eid is the best part of growing up desi.

Similarly having the super yummy food on festivals is a plus point too; imagine life without kheer and gulab jaman? Ugh! Can’t even. Eating all the food after the relatives have gone is so exciting as well and only you have experienced it because you grew up desi.

On the other hand, it’s annoying for not getting permissions from parents and getting compared with your intelligent cousins.

Also, things haven’t ended yet and there are some more memorable 11 things about growing up desi that are hard to forget obviously.

1. Desi moms and their way of saying, “wth! Another plate, ughhh!”

Desi moms are both cute and different; btw, weird at times too.


2. When amma makes you to talk to the relative you really don’t want to

And you are like, “amma!¬†Why we have to fake it? And why we have to talk with this¬†relative? Like for what?”


3. Every time you wanted to take the money from aunty but refusing it as well because mom was looking like she would kill you if you would take the money

Well this is the most awkward and heartbreaking moment. Like mom, your kid wants to take it, so let it be, please?


4. Finding hair in the food very often

Finding hair in the food very often and then showing it to maa infront of everyone is what everyone remembers doing.


5. Growing up watching PTV and Starplus (talking about 90s kids)

Those were the days when PTV’s Ainak Wala Jinn and Kuin Kay Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi of Starplus were best time pass.


6. When parents turn your every joke into a serious discussion

It has happened alot with everyone and still happens; like can’t the jokes can be taken as jokes by parents? Well no!


7. When you used to play these relationship games

And don’t forget that how these games were hid from the parents by you.


8. Parents asking you to study even when you are done with the finals

Like what one can study when he not even knows that what will be included in the next class’ course or syllabus? But guess what? Desi parents always come up with some solution as they then ask you to revise the old course no matter you have given the finals.


9. Sitting with abba is kinda uncomfortable

Abba is always kind of that discipline incharge of home in whose presence everyone becomes conscious and sitting with him is really uncomfortable.


10. These cakes man!

No matter what, these cakes are unbeatable.


11. And these beauties! 😍

Perks of growing up desi, like literally.

Via: Birbal Studios

From getting scolded by parents for no reason to watching Ainak Wala Jinn in good old days, it’s fun yet weird to grow up desi.

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