These 11 Witty Quotes By Dr. House Can Give You A Reality Check Certainly


“Wanting to believe the best about people doesn’t make it true.” – Dr. House

Dr. Gregory House is basically a fictional character of the famous American TV show “House.” The character of Dr. Gregory in the show has been played by the talented and skilful English actor Hugh Laurie.


Hugh Laurie besides being actor is also a director, musician, comedian, author and singer. The multi-talented Hugh has played the role of Dr. Gregory House very well and he’s the reason that this character is still loved by many.

“I cared for eight seconds, then I got distracted,” Dr. Gregory.

Dr. House in the show deals with the health mysteries in the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital which happens to be in New Jersey.


However, Dr. House is also known for his amazing wit, humour, and sarcasm and has given us many noteworthy quotes to laugh at yet ponder on them as well.

Out of hundreds and thousands, we have listed just 11 best quotes of Dr. House that have all the sarcasm and wit.

1. Dr. House’s real talk


“Figuring out who people are takes time. And it takes twice as much time if they’re trying to impress you.” – Dr. Gregory

2. Dr. House explaining the line between love and hate quite accurately


“There is not a thin line between love and hate. There is – in fact – a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every 20 feet between love and hate.” – Dr. House 

3. People become who they are


“People don’t change. They just become more of who they really are.” – Dr. Gregory

4. So, it makes me less wronger and even nearer to being right, haha!


“We were both wrong, not equally wrong. You were at least six more wronger than me.” – Dr. Gregory

5. Getting out of your comfort zone is important


“If you’re not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.” – Dr. Gregory

6. We want the answers of our own choices


“We formulate our questions based on the answers we want to hear.” – Dr. Gregory

7. Criticism and having opponents are essential


“If nobody hates you, you’re doing something wrong.” – Dr. Gregory

8. Dr. Gregory making things more sarcastic


“Somewhere out there there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.” – Dr. Gregory

9. Like should I really need to care?


“Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?” – Dr. Gregory

10. Alone time is the bestest


“I like being alone. Atleast I convince myself that I am better off that way.” – Dr. House

11. Karma bro, karma!


“We all make mistakes and we all pay a price.” – Dr. Gregory 

Being totally remarkable with his acting performance, Dr. Gregory has always thrown such dialogues that have given us food for thought as he once nailed it by saying, “The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth.”

With all the craziness and freakness, Dr. House is one intelligent man with the flawless ability to deal with his patients by playing the mind games. Dr. Gregory was, is and will always remain the best doctor ever.

“The advantage of being a freak is it makes you stronger.” – Dr. Gregory House

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