12 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples Which Turn Up The Heat


Have you ever played truth or dare with your partner? If you haven’t, then you must give a try to heat the things up between you two. We all have played and enjoyed this game and it’s more exciting when you play it with your partner. You get to know a lot of secrets and get to see their real talent. If you haven’t tried truth or dare game with your partner and looking for some naughty questions and dare, these questions below will help you in that.

Try These 18 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults To Really Turn Up The Heat.


1.Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone you mentally knew was ugly?

truth2.What’s your dirtiest fantasy?

truth3.Would you like to try sex in public?

truth4.When was the last time you touched yourself?

truth5.What’s your favorite position?

truth6.When was the first time you masturbated?



1.Go down on me for 10 minutes


2.I dare you to masturbate in front of me

truth3.Let me spank you


4.I dare you to send me nudes for a week


5.Be naked for one whole day


8.Film our make-out session







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