13 Lawful Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why” (Hannah Baker)

Hannah Baker

In the daily walk of life you must use internet which you do, you have heard about TV series on Netflix. Netflix is going very popular, and TV series, the most viewed on Netflix this year too. You have seen or not memes on it, something on suicide and high school or you must be thinking of it to watch.The story is all about the girl Hannah Baker who committed suicide in a high school because of depression. In this sceanario, the girl hannah baker did one thing before die. She made 13 recordings before committing suicide to show that the things which made her very depressed and forced to took this step of taking her own life.

1.Why you choose option to commit suicide?

People who lose courage and get tired from all the things of life and get depressed, they think that suicide is the best option to leave the hardships of life.

hannah baker

  1. Awareness on Bullying.

One of the most highlighted things that a kid has to go through in his/her life at least for some time. Every person tries to push them aside and make them feel downhearted. It’s on to the kid to fight back or give up, in this sceanario, Hannah Baker, the girl who suicided gave up.

Hannah Baker


3.Little talks can damage.

Everyone talk about the gossips if they are true or not  but they do stifle the one agonize like Hannah. Hannah had go through like some gossips which made her depressed and become the reason to death.

Hannah Baker

  1. A true Love story.

It delineate a true love story between Hannah and Clay Jenson. They afraid to tell  anyone about their love story so their story never starts. It was only hope for her, but he is one of the reason from 13 reasons.

Hannah Baker

  1. Small actions, large repercussion.

Even a very small non-noticeable act can hurt someone very badly. Some times Hannah took small things seriously and hurt herself adding another reason.

Hannah Baker
6.How can we have a strong and positive support system.
Some of us tend to detach when we’re feeling down or simply choose to have fewer friends. But having a strong support system can make all the difference when things get tough in our lives. We want to have people and also some close friends around us we can trust and those can help us, then we obviously feel better. This thing lacked in her life.
Hannah Baker

  1. Relatable beyond High School.

It’s not only isolated to high school going students, you can relate it anyways due to it’s simple and easy storytelling. Even pass outs may enjoy living that old time again.

Hannah Baker

  1. Supporting Others.

In the walk of life we forgot to support and help each other. We forget the rules to support others. When anyone is in some problem we leave that person rather than supporting them. Hannah never got support, and then again another reason.

Hannah Baker

  1. A reminder for adults about how hard it is to be youthful.

our adults thinks that being a teenager is very simple and there is no burden in this age its very simple to live your life , But it’s not like that, kids have their own kind of situations and problems, they are totally different from what adults have and quite serious too considering that at that age kids develop their whole future. Adults should watch what they suffer through.

Hannah Baker

  1. Treatment of People.

Uncritical we treat people badly and then we may or may not regret it and may or may not watch out for them but the one suffering it mostly does not like it and doesn’t tolerate it. And lonely people like Hannah Baker get another reason.

Hannah Baker

  1. Male advantage.

The high school experience differs for girls and boys. This is not  about blaming men and boys for their advantage, it’s about helping them understand it so that they are aware that “locker room talk” and participating in gossip can be damaging for girls in a way that’s more prevalent than it is for boys. Hannah was always a locker room talk.

Hannah Baker

  1. You should know about rape.

Not ruining your spoilers, but there was some instance when something like this happened with someone in the TV series, and the guy didn’t consider it that only because the girl didn’t say no! She doesn’t say yes either!

Hannah Baker

  1. Self Awareness.

13 Reasons Why had all the characters and their lives ideal to those we have or any of our classmates have and from a visual representation, we must have to know that  what way we are going and whom we favour more.

Hannah Baker

This series was based on a novel by Jay Asher and then screenplay by Netflix. It has millions of fans now and from now only it’s season 2 is being demanded and the good news is that it’s confirmed.


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