13 Times “Shehr E Zaat” Has Given Us Food For Thought

Shehr E Zaat

Shehr E Zaat is one masterpiece among so many Pakistani dramas because of its uniqueness and the subject it has discussed.

The subject of this drama is clearly related to the man and Allah; how man is at first far away from his Creator and then one downfall of his life can make him realize that he’s nothing without Allah.

Right at that point, man gets connected with Allah, the Almighty, the Lord of all. Man finds peace in building his relation with Allah and discovers new things about life.

Shehr E Zaat shows the life of Falak and how she starts to ponder on this world and her life. Falak being born in well off family had all the luxuries and at some point she fell in love with a man named Salman.

After getting married to Salman, her life seemed to be completed to her. But Salman turned out to be in love with someone else (yes, after marriage).

This broke Falak like hell and she was devastated; right at that point, she got connected with Allah. This part of the drama is just so, so amazing that words are less to define the beauty of it.

However, Salman came back to Falak eventually when the other woman turned out to be a betrayer. But at that point, Falak didn’t need him. Still, she decided to live with him for her Allah.

Another beauty of this serial is its dialogues; the mind-blowing dialogues of Shehr E Zaat depict the reality of this life and to be honest, each and every line gives you more to ponder on.

There are many lines of Shehr E Zaat that gave us some real lessons but we have gathered some 13 out of many that give one food for thought.


Shehr E Zaat

“Allah ki muhabbat kay siwaye har muhabbat ko zawal hai, phir Wo sab kuch dikha kar admi se kehta hai ab bata tera Merey siwa kaun hai.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Aj nahi toh kal, kal nahi toh parson, sab ko bhikaari banna paray ga.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Bismillah main bohat barkat huti hai beta, har kaam se phley Bismillah parh li jye toh shar chala jata hai.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Jab tak thokar nahi lagti, ghutnon par nahi gir jata, tab tak insaan ko apni auqaat ka pata nahi chalta.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Loug kin kin cheezon kay baghair zinda reh rahein hain aur mujhe lagta hai kisi par qayamat tooti hai toh wo main hun.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Aik shakhs se muhabbat insaan ko kitna majboor kar deti hai. Main ne zindagi main kisi ki parwa hi nahi ki aur ab is shakhs ki parwa ki hai toh mujhe ahsaas hua hai kay muhabbat kerney kay baad banday ko kitna jhukna parta hai sirf is khouf sey kay kahin doosra aap ko chor na de.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Shoher bivyon ko judge kartay hain kiya?”


Shehr E Zaat

“Nafs insaan ko janwar bana deti hai. Jab insaan nafs ka ghulam hu jata hai toh janwar ban jata hai.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Cheezein bay-haya nahi hutien, un se jo kuch mansoob kia jata hai wo bay-haya ya ba-haya huta hai. Haya bhi nazar main hai aur bay-hayai bhi.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Us sey kaho mujhe dekhey, Us se kaho merey ganday wajood par bhi aik baar Apni nazar karey. Usey toh thoker maarna nahi ataa, Usey toh dhutkarna nahi ataa, Woh toh farq nahi kerta, Woh toh aas nahi torta.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Dil ajeeb shay hai naani, ajeeb cheezein mangta hai, ajeeb cheezein karne ko kehta hai.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Ye bees tees lakhon kay kapray, ye fazal nahi hu sakta, ye rehmat nahi hu sakti, ye sab cheezein asraaf hain.”


Shehr E Zaat

“Ager wo teri na-qadri na kerta, toh kiya tu Rabb ki qadr krti? Us ne teri na-qadri kar kay sab kuch kho diya aur tu ne sab kuch paa liya.”

Shehr E Zaat is a golden piece and one should at least once in life watch this show to know the real meaning of this life and to get some real lessons.

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