15 Moments Of Childhood That Everyone Misses


Have you ever gone past in time having a cup of coffee in your hand, sitting on your couch in living room and thinking about the time when you were kid? You must be missing your childhood right? We’ll take you back in time through this article and tell you 15 moment of childhood that everyone misses. Here is the list of those moments.

 Playing cricket in street:

Everybody played cricket in street when they kids right? Or you didn’t? Were you one of those antisocial kids who didn’t come outside cause their parent didn’t allow them? Well whatever the case is playing cricket in the street is one the best childhood memory anyone can have. Playing cricket in street was fun not only because it has some special rules but because it was easy to cheat in it and win. 😀   I never lost in it did you?

Watching Cartoons:

I remember we were 6 cousins and everyday right around 5 o’clock after playing cricket. We all gathered in our TV lounge and watch cartoon network.  “It’s TOONAMI” the moment this word comes we knew it pokemon time. I bet you miss watching cartoons with your cousins.

WWE Fights:

Born in desi family you know that WWE was a must before going to sleep every Monday night (RAW) and Thursday Night (Smack Down). Before every commercial break a message appeared “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” but who could stop us? Pulling out spears and 619 on siblings was a hell lot of and memorable.

Making Excuses to skip school:

“Nashta tiyaar Hai!” When your mom cried these words in the morning all you could think about was what excuse do you make to skip school? Though you knew that even after everything you’ll end up going to school you still tried to make you self sick or something. You miss it right?

Not Doing Homework:

I don’t know why but writing those 5 to 8 lines of homework was the most hectic work in my life when I recall it. I didn’t do homework, and my mom always beat me until I completed my home work. No one likes it but it is something you miss.

Babloo Gang:

School life makes you meet some of the best friends you will ever get in your life. You surely miss you school squad of 4 to 5 friends with whom you spent the best time of your educational life. Although you don’t contact them but surely you miss them badly.

Playing Ludo:

The best cardboard game in childhood was ludo. I picked green tokens cause of the simple fact that green always got the first turn to roll the dice. And everybody cheats at ludo time to time you know what I’m talking about don’t you?

Flying Kites:

Those were the good old days when you got to fly kites freely and no one bashed you for flying kites, when you got free “CHAIPI” with 5RS kite. Basant was so colorful you couldn’t see the blue sky cause of kites. Missing your childhood already?

Huge Birthday Parties:

Now celebrating birthdays is not as fun as it was in childhood. Your NANA, CHACHA, TAYA, MAMU etc, everyone came to your birthday party with gifts. Cousin played “Musical Chair, Barf Pani or KingStop”. The most fun part was to unwrap your gifts at the end or getting cash from some and getting extraordinary rich for a day.

Going to Nano’s House:

Every weekend was set for your trip to Nano’s house. Nano’s house is strange place, I always ate more than usual there or should I say my Nano made me eat a lot saying “Kitna patla ho gaya hai mera sonhra”. Yeah it’s memorable!

Getting Eidi:

I miss those days when you used to get eidi on every eid. It was said that eid is for children. Well its true eid is for children. Those 100RS eidi was enough for a month sweets. Now you won’t be receiving eidi instead you’ll be giving it.

Learning Quran:

Remember that Qari Sahab who taught you recitation of Quran. Of course you do cause you can’t forget someone you used to meet in Masjid every day after school right!? Most kids hated him cause of the scolding but you miss even his scolding now.

Summer Vacations:

The best part of the year came with the start of June when we got summer holidays. It was like having a break from prison after 8 to 9 months of punishment. We made plans of traveling and visiting relatives living far from us. But we all knew in the end those plans were not going to execution cause of the summer tasks given by our beloved teachers.

Snake Xenzia II:

Nokia was all over the place in my childhood. Everyone had a Nokia with him/her. The real struggle was finding a “Patli pin wala charger” when your mobile’s battery was low. I remember Nokia mobile sets because of the only game they had in them Snake Xenzia II. Playing Snake Xenzia is the childhood memory I can’t forget. What is your highest score by the way?

Having Cotton Candy:

Having Cotton Candy was absolute luxury in childhood. Every time you go to a park having Cotton Candy was a must.

These were few of those childhood moments you miss. What are your Childhood moments which are not included here let us know in the comment section below!!!


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