15 Non-Sexual Things That Attract Women


Now, we all know there is one person or another trying to attract their crush. But how should they do it? Will she even look at him? Does he even exist for her? What should men do to attract her with something which isn’t sexual? What are the halal ways to do that? Well here are some non-sexual things that attract women definitely.

  1. Rolled sleeves

Now many boys have heard that it attracts women like crazy. And it’s true. Suppose your back is turned away. Your sleeves are rolled up. What you don’t know is that a girl is secretly ogling at you just because your sleeves are rolled up. Believe me. You haven’t done anything yet and you’ve strung her heart strings


  1. Great hair and by that I mean messy hair.

This is something that will definitely get her attention. Slick-back, gelled hair, don’t always attract a woman. A great bed head will make her go crazy

  1. When you are fixing your tie

Do I really need to explain this one? Coz have you ever seen yourself fixing your tie in the mirror? Do you know how hot you guys look when doing that? Ahhhhh….

  1. When you run your hand through your hair

If it’s intentional or not; believe me it works.


  1. When you stand with your back and one leg on the wall

I don’t think I even need to explain


  1. When you wear flannel shirts with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans

Yup we girls fantasize lumberjacks.

  1. When you’re actually lost in a book

I mean it. Nothing is hotter than a man lost in a book. Even better is when you have great grades and you care about your grades.

  1. When you’re funny

Seriously, no girl likes a sarroo who isn’t funny and doesn’t get her humor. It’s the biggest turn off for any woman, believe it!

  1. When you throw water on your face from your water bottle

Just picture this hehe.

  1. When you’re good at speaking English

Holly shamolly, it tickles us in our happy grammar spots. That’s our G-spot. Get it? G-spot as in grammar spot? Pun intended.

  1. When you’re actually expressive and don’t hide your emotions or opinions

Do you know how much girls hate it when you’re already mysterious enough and they don’t know little details about you? Like someone asks you a question and you dodge it with a counter question. You keep doing that for long and the girl loses her interest in you. Be expressive. Tell her that you hate something, tell her you love something. It’s the biggest turn on for any girl.

  1. When you give her silly nicknames.

If you have a hint that she likes you, giving her a silly nickname really does the thing ya know!

13. When you walk with your jacket or coat in your hand over your shoulder

14. When you stand with your hands in your pockets.

15. When you wear tuxedo


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