13 Things Done By Pakistani’s on 14 August That are not Appropriate

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14 August 2017 marks the seventieth birthday of Pakistan. Exactly seventy years ago, we kicked the British out of our homeland and got a land that we now call home. Every year, we spend a lot of time preparing for this auspicious day, yet some of us do some stupid things that obviously ought not to be done. Without further ado, here are some things that shouldn’t be done on 14th August.


Going out on the roads on bikes in a very big group and then one-wheeling.

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Seriously what is it with this one? First, you go out on your bike in large groups. Next, you jam the traffic and then you go one-wheeling. If it is for impressing girls then sorry to burst your bubble but the only things they say when you whiz past them in your khatara CD-70 are along the following lines, “Uff Allah! ye kia takleef hai larkon ko? Pata nahi samjh main nahi ati itni tez chalanay se kia milta hai. ALLAH kare thuk jaye agle chowk pe. Pagal” 

Source: c.tribune.com.pk

To be honest, that’s exactly what I say, so I don’t really think all the other girls think any different.

Blowing up fire crackers in people’s houses.

A few fire crackers by responsible authorities is a lot of fun and amazing view to see.

But when people took it to another level and start throwing them in other peoples home. Seriously that is not fun. I mean think about someone throwing them in your home, feels bad right. So why through them on others house.
“Last year, a boy had thrown one and it landed on my little sister’s shirt. I was there so she was saved as I had it slide down. Otherwise, it would have blown up on her.”

Going for shopping for valuable things.

“Two years ago, my uncle had been robbed right in front of my eyes, in front of our other uncle’s house.  They had their phones and jewellery snatched along with 10,000 rupees of shopping. Please be careful and be wary of thieves.”

Making noise in front of no noise zones such as hospitals.

Source: wikimedia.org

This is a serious issue guys, if you see a no noise zone then it’s your responsibility to not make a noise there. Especially around Hospitals.

Imagine a poor old lady in the hospital being disturbed by the noise we create in the name of celebrating 14 August.

Resisting Police officers.

Ok, listen here, folks. It’s serious talk, to be honest. These guys work day and night to keep discipline in our country. It is their duty to strike at those creating chaos. So you should respect them and follow their instructions.

Source: nation.com.pk


Putting up Pakistani flag and then disrespecting it.

Source: pakword.com

I know we don’t use it after wards but please don’t let it be destroyed by harsh weather or even using it for purposes such as cleaning etc. Respect it.

Hawai firing.

Source: qph.ec.quoracdn.net

Aik tou pehle hee halaat kharab rehte hai. Ooper se hawai firing. Like please, independence day is for peace. No need to remind us what used to happen before 14 August 1947.

Removing silencers in bikes to make more noise.

Source: c1.staticflickr.com

We already know how we sound like on recordings. Please, no need to make us regret our existence anymore.

And also no need to modify it to make it sound louder.

Doing whatever you please and forgetting what you’re supposed to do.

Source: www.frontline.in

Ji just because you’re “independent” doesn’t mean you don’t listen to your mom or your dad. You are not dobby and you haven’t been given clothes to get you free. A lot of lives were lost to get you this independence. Don’t keep sitting taking selfies in your green and white clothes.

Just Read some History about your Dear County, how we got it, after how many sacrifices, and then tell how lucky you are, and where would you be if it wasn’t there.

Blaring Non-Pakistani music while celebrating 14 August.

Like seriously, guys? Do you awaken your inner Pakistani just to go out on roads and blast music that’s not even Pakistani? Shame on you seriously!

Keeping out late at night and worrying your parents.

Worrying your parents and then getting a “chittar” after lol. Your parents love you, do respect them, and make them happy by just coming home early this 14th August.

Rash driving.

Source: haridevote.com

Don’t even get me started on this one. To be honest this is what people see, when you One Wheel, or do those crazy drag races.

Arguing about different political parties.

Source: javedch.com

I mean, humaray leaders kam hain kia?

And at the end, if we really care about your country you should do things us. The hardest part is to make your self right. This is our Dear Country we ourselves have to make it better.

Your country is a blessing, dont take it for granted. love it, make it better and leave a better country for your young ones, just like your elders did.



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