15 Things Every Student goes through In Exam Season


The Exam Season is not less than a hassle for every student. After enjoying whole year and wasting away all the useful time students come back to their actual course and start feeling worried about their grades which often makes them say, ” Kal se pakka parhunga” . Same is the condition of Matric students part 1 & 2 now-a-days who are going through this tough phase.


We searched for the things which commonly students do when exams approach them and here we go with the 15 most usual things done by them.


1.  They make a time table to revise all their subjects and their specific lessons. They fix particular days and time for each topic in the book, which is eventually never followed. 


2. Turning into a Religious person and focusing on praying five times a day including Tahajjud too is also an identity of a student who is having his exams soon.

3. You will become emotionless and that would be because of exams. You won’t be accepting anyone and would be irritated most of time. 

4. You would be so bored that even staring at the walls for hours would be interesting than reading books. 



5. Procrastination would be your best friend. 



6.You actually have to do tons of work and there is no other option to get saved from this shit.


7. Crying, Crying & CRYING! This is what you are gonna do when your stamina is in minus while work is reaching to the limits of sky. 


8. Comparing your preparation to the brilliant students of the class and try to assume if they somehow get less marks which may save your grades.


9. Calculating your marks in all courses before exams and after as well on an imaginary basis and feeling a bit good at heart. 

10. Making calls & sending texts to the whole squad to ask how much they have done with their preps. 


11. Collecting all the good stationery.

12. Doing good deeds like quitting smoking & helping poor so that better could happen to your luck in exams as well. 

13. Planning to do parties after exams and watching your favorite NETFLIX shows & movies. 


14. But all you do after exams is, SLEEP! Like 24/7.



15. Result and phone calls of unknown relatives & friends.

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