20 Times Sadia Khan Killed It With The Desi Bridal Look

Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is an old name of Pakistani fashion and drama industry. She’s one of the finest and prettiest models Pakistani fashion industry has ever produced.

Though she has been an actress as well but is known for working very often in dramas. But whenever it’s Sadia Khan in any play, it’s for sure a treat to watch.

Sadia’s one of the best drama is “Khuda aur Muhabat” in which she acted alongside the super talented Imran Abbas.

The play was loved by audience so much that it’s sequel has been made as well with the addition of Kubra Khan in it.

Sadia Khan played the role of Iman in “Khuda aur Muhabat” and now she’s playing the role of Hani in her current on-air serial named “Shayad” alongside the cutest Uzair Jaswal and legendary Nauman Ijaz.

However, besides drama industry, we have seen Sadia Khan rocking in many ads usually, being model cum actress.

Sadia has done modelling in different shows for different designers and has always nailed whatever the look was given to her.

After continuous browsing of hours, we managed to list out some of the 20 best looks of Sadia Khan as desi bride which she took for different designers and with different dresses.

And trust me, Sadia has killed it with every single desi bridal look and we can’t stop adoring her. She’s true beauty queen of Pakistan and can do justice with every look assigned to her.

1. Totally stunning and royal

Sadia Khan looking totally royal in this cherry coloured bridal dress with all the pretty classic jewellery.

Sadia Khan

2. This maroonish red is another classic thing to wear

She’s totally a queen and can kill it with every look.

Sadia Khan

3. Gold with little red touch making her look more gorgeous

She’s an epitome of beauty certainly and we can’t stop loving her more and more.

Sadia Khan

4. This desi bride’s mehendi look is making Sadia look so adorable

Cutest ever.

Sadia Khan

5. Amazing one

With all the mehendi and jewellery on, Sadia is looking super khubsoorat in this outfit.

Sadia Khan

6. This is just beyond pretty

She knows how to pose like a true lady.

Sadia Khan

7. Another mehendi look with this green and golden combo is to-be-in-list one

Whether a mehendi or any other shadi’s function, Sadia’s dressing is on point.

Sadia Khan

8. Sadia Khan can carry even the common ones so decently

Though this kind of bridal dress is quite common but Sadia managed to rock it even this one.

Sadia Khan

9. Ohmy! This is just a whole new level

Sadia is making sure to take things to another level in this amazing piece.

Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan

10. This prettiness

Totally a diva.

Sadia Khan

11. Elegant and decent all the way

Fragile yet strong. Light yet sharp.

Sadia Khan

12. Another white yet silverish too

Sadia’s this desi bridal look is from her current drama “Shayad” and she totally nailed it.

Sadia Khan

13. Classic

This is super cool bridal look of Sadia; both Uzair and Sadia are looking pretty awesome together.

Sadia Khan

14. So regal

This is just so majestic.

Sadia Khan

15. Typical but carried so well

She makes sure to carry everything well.

Sadia Khan

16. Drop dead gorgeous

Best one.

Sadia Khan

17. Beauty

Totally magnificent.
Sadia Khan

18. Splendid

Another beautiful look.

Sadia Khan

19. Simply perfect

So graceful.

Sadia Khan

20. Lovelyyy


Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is one of the beautiful and dazzling faces of the Pakistani industry and we should always value such icons.

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