Reason Why Lahore Lahore Hai!💓


Lahore is the historical city of Pakistan, the Capital of province Punjab. It is also called as “Heart of Punjab”. Lahoris have taken over the whole country and that is because of a logical reason. The customs, fascinating spots and big hearted people are the real treasure of Lahore.


Here are a few things, right now just a few things of Lahore to show those people who say, “Akhir Lahore me hai he kya?”




The Grand Badshahi Masjid.

This beautiful Masjid was build between 1971-1973 and up till now it has been serving Pakistanis as a source of picnics and religious purposes.


Especially for Nikkahs.





The khoobsurat Tareen, Lahore Fort.





The “Mole on the Cheek of Lahore” Masjid Wazir Khan.





Fortress Stadium.





And Paris in Lahore, Eiffel Tower.







Chaburji means four towers and it’s construction was allotted¬†to Mughal Princess Zeb-Un-Nisa. WOW!





The Biggest and Oldest Market Place, Anarkali Bazaar.





Minar-e-Pakistan, which was constructed in the memory of Pakistan Resolution.




Emporium Mall.






Mall of Lahore.






The Beauty, Rana Resort.






3rd Largest Mosque in Pakistan & 5th Largest in the World, Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town LAHORE.







Wagah Border, where flag ceremony helds and people rush to attend.







Lahore Museum, biggest museum of Pakistan.







Race Course, Kon Nae Janta Is Jagah Ko.






CineStar, where you can experience 3D and IMAX movies.







Alhamra Art Council, where you enjoy exhibitions, plays and collect information by learning new aspects of every study.







Lahore Zoo.









Safari Park.








The Gloria Jeans of 1940s, Pak Tea House.





Shalimar Garden.







Nairang Gallaries.




And the food streets of Lahore.







Ye Hai Mera Lahore.


After seeing this nobody would doubt that why we say, Lore Lore Ae!

Proud to be a Lahori!

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