25 Non Sexual Things That Attract Men

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Recently, I wrote an article on non-sexual things that attract women. This time around, I’m writing one for girls. Even though we are strong independent women who don’t need no man but we should know there are things that attract men even if we are not doing them on purpose.

1. Adjusting hair, or making them

I’ve gathered information from guys, so this information is legit. Just like when we love when boys run their hands through their hair, men also love it when we are adjusting our hair, specifically when we are making them into pony tails, or tightening them.

2. Running fingers through our hair distractedly

Yup, there is just something about running fingers through our hair that turn people on.

3. Messy hair

Oops, I thought only girls loved it but turn out men love it too. Men love it when we are comfortable in our own selves.

4. Drying hair when they are wet

Towel or hair dryer, no matter what the medium, men find you awkwardly attractive.

5. Kawaii smile

Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese. Cute smiles and not a grumpy face only makes men attracted to women.

6. When we laugh at their silly jokes

“Shakal na sahi, humour hee sahi.” says one of the men I know. They love it when women laugh at their jokes.

7. Scent of our beauty products

These products include shampoos, lotions, creams, talcum powders, perfume, colognes and other fragrant products like that. Just like a moth drawn to a flame, we lure them in.

8. Our love for tiny things

These tiny things could actually be anything like earrings, minions, stuff toys, balloons etc.

Source: www.wheniwrit.com

9. When they are determined to cook something for someone

Men aren’t chauvinistic as we accuse them to be. They just simply love it when we are determined to make something delicious no matter how great or bad we already are at cooking.

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10. When we are shy

You know there are times when we just aren’t confident enough or we just don’t want to go to a party because we know e won’t be able to meet 50 people. Especially if we blush, they find it extremely cute.

11. Short height 

Girls if you’re short, be ready to be loved by many!

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12. When we wear their clothes/hoodies/T-shirts

Yasssssss we can take their clothes without any problem whoop whoop

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13. When we actually keep a secret and give them advice

Many of us actually can keep secrets. If you’re someone who can keep one, get ready to be liked by men without you knowing it. You’ve kept a secret for two days and the news hasn’t spread? That guy is going to trust you forever!

Source: www.wheniwrit.com

14. When we try to reach the top shelf or something

Or standing on our tippy toes that are.

15. Comfy clothes and a ponytail

Lol, I already never try to dress up too much anyway.

16. When we get mad at something or even them

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You look so cute when you’re mad” because they actually mean it when they say that. If you have ever seen your father slightly smiling while your mother is yelling at him or ranting, chances are he finds her cute.

17. Stretching or yawning

Imagine you’re in class, and you’re stretching because you’ve been sitting in the same position for hours. This will automatically turn any guy on near 10-meter radius.

18. Females with goals

Men love it when we’re ambitious about reaching our goals (could even be the actual goal post in soccer). A man told me that he is super turned on when his wife is lost in painting a picture. They have been married for four years now.

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19. When we are passionate about something

Guys just love anything as far as passion is involved. It can even be about us wanting to watch our fav movie

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20. When we get super jealous when some other girl is talking or even looking at them

Men say that this just proves we love them or care for them. Unless we don’t turn into crazy psychos it’s fine.

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21. When we eat like a bro

And by that ladies, I mean eating a lot. Men love it when we don’t hide how much e eat. In fact, they hate it when we try eating less in front of them. Eat up, ladies!

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22. Understand dirty jokes, and responding with the same

A person told me that they find it incredibly hot when we understand their dirty jokes instead of just being offended and love it when we even respond like that. They think that women don’t do it and hence find it incredibly amusing when we actually do it in front of them.

23. When we act bossy/ pretend to be angry but then start laughing

Oh you know it happens. You think you’re going to be incredibly angry but just straight out start laughing like a crazy person. They just love it.

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24. When we respect their friends 

And especially when we let them enjoy their boy time.

25. When we respect their parents and try to strengthen bonds with their family

Every settled man, or any man who’s looking to settle down definitely look for this quality in most women. If you have this. Jackpot.

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