3 Lessons I Learned From A Pauper


Every Thursday my doorbell rings at exact 1 O’clock. We don’t find the need to ask who is there because we are pretty sure it must be her.

A lady who comes every Thursday in need of money, clothes, ration etc but carries a very beautiful smile on her face. Who comes to fulfill her needs but in return makes the other person happy. Who comes to wipe off her poverty but instead makes the person rich with countless lessons.

I am sure, out of 30 houses she knocks, few would give her money, clothes, eatables etc but no one would have ever thought of what she truly desires.

“She needs time. She craves a company. She requires conversation.”

This, I got to know when I sat with her just to tell her that her eyes were beautiful and that her face looks perfect with all those curves it had and that her smile is worth a million dollar.

These are a few things that I have learned from this lady:

  1. Smile is the best thing a person can wear:

Smile is contagious. Sometimes if you see someone smiling your lips like to curve too. This lady always comes with a smile and for a moment my face also wears it. Its feels life is just as beautiful and simple as this seamless cute little smile.

  1. We need to change our values:

She continuously focuses on the fact that my era was a golden era. I asked her why would she say that, and the answer she gave was that we valued relationships with love, care and compassion but now relationships are valued just for the sake of money. She said money is important, the reason I am here, but if we start noticing how crucial relationships are we will leave money far behind.

  1. Old people need time:

People usually think that old people need sleep medicine and healthy food but you are probably wrong here. What old people actually need is your time. Their bodies start to heel with the feeling of having someone around to listen to their stories.

With her age deteriorating, her eyesight becoming weak, her body fragile, her hands shaky and her mind sleepy; she looks as beautiful and exquisite as a sensitive doll. The lessons she taught me are revised every Thursday with a knock on the door waiting for someone to offer her more than just “things”.

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