4 times Kashaf from “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” told us how actually men are and we just can’t deny


It’s been years when “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” got aired on Hum TV but the drama is still alive among the audience because of its realistic approach. People still remember Kashaf and Zaroon and their totally different visions towards life.

The lead role Kashaf did become inspiration for multiple people and many girls relate the character with themselves till the today’s date.


However, Kashaf being quite blunt showed the real picture of men of our society and how untrustworthy they could turn out to be, usually. She picked those points about men which you will mostly find in the males around you and it will make you say, “Oh! Kashaf, why so accurate?”

1. Men – the liars


It’s been practiced by men since ages that they can’t stop lying infront of their wives especially, without understanding the importance of telling a truth. Yes, truth can hurt at first point but it will be all fine later and that’s what matters. On the other hand, lie can be discovered any time and can ruin the relationship in seconds.

Kashaf also pointed out the same thing in her husband Zaroon and didn’t get flatter by his cheesy romance because she was not the kind of woman who can fall for some sweet phrases. She demanded the real and truthful man.

2. Characterless men are totally unlikeable


To Kashaf, good looks are never important in a man and what’s important is, his character which involves not being a flirt, loyal, truthful and many other important things. This is how every girl should choose a man rather than falling for good looks.

When Zaroon’s good looks were being praised infront of her, she refused to fall for them and stated that character is something she seek in men.

3. Men are unreliable


Like always, Kashaf made it accurate by stating that, “men are unreliable.” Today it’s something we can’t deny. Mostly men are like that especially when it comes to their wives. Even many are same for their children.

Being rejected by her father, Kashaf knew that one can never rely on men and she is ohmy! so right. Also, his father being a bad husband helped Kashaf’s view about men to get bitter and much realistic.

4. Men are untrustworthy when become husbands


And this point of Kashaf is just so, so based on reality that one couldn’t agree with it more. Every wife out there knows that their husbands could be the best ones for the world but when it comes to their wives, they become the most untrustworthy and idk why it’s like that.

Like why men become so insensitive when it comes to the wives? Maybe, they take their wives for granted and believe that it’s totally fine being harsh with them.

From being untrustworthy to unreliable and from being liars to not valuing the importance of character, is all Kashaf thinks about men and damn! she’s right with her points because today it’s rare to find men with such qualities.

If you have one with the qualities of being loyal, trustworthy, reliable, truthful and a man of character, then, congrats! You have got the rare and real gold piece.

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