4 Times Quetta Waalas Get Misunderstood By The Rest Of Pakistanis!


As far-flung and remote the province of Balochistan is terrestrially , it wouldn’t be an overstatement that its inhabitants have been deserted thoughtfully (Deemed difficult to perceive) to a higher degree. Having been gone through and still going through this phase of constant clarification on behalf of being a resident of Balochistan, here is list some of the most common misapprehensions about Quetta Waalas.
1. Not all People of Balochistan are Balochis!

Common sense usage should definitely get people to know that just as all citizens of Sindh are not Sindhis, all members of Balochistan are not Balochis (get that?).
Pakistan holds cultural diversity in each centimeter of its expanse therefore stop assuming inadvertently!
2. Quetta is a provincial capital and yes we have every facility there (Exaggerations must be excused!)

The number of times people give you pitiful looks when they come to know that all your life you have been living in an area which (according to them) is no better than Sahara Desert, some of them genuinely feel bad for us :/
It was no surprise when it was asked once, “yar tmne kabhi malls dekhey hain?”
Live Dekhey na bhi hotay hmne to Google pe to dekh hi saktey hain bhai! 🙂
Summing the point up i would say, we have some very rich market place and exquisite items which would rarely be seen in any other part of the country. So please do visit Quetta for shopping if you don’t believe me :’)
3. Hazaras of Quetta are NOT chinese/japanese/Korean/…….

We have a very beautiful and talented community of Hazaras which exhibit intense cuteness and sacttered throughout the country owing to their remarkable excellence and ingrained talent. Yes they display that overall chinese likeness nevertheless the differences between them are humongous!
4. Quetta is not a perpetual terrorist high alert state!

Opposed to the media portrayal, unfortunate events are not daily based and Balochistan faces as frequent terrorist activities as any other region of the country, only to the misery of being neglected, it is assumed that we as a province have decimated.
Lastly it is respectfully stated that we Quetta Waalas are just as normal as any of you Pakistanis and we humbly request you to share this article and spread peace among yourselves!

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