5 Annoying Things All Teachers Can Relate To


The profession of teaching is the most common job adopted by both males and females. Teachers are regarded everywhere in the world and this profession is deemed as one of the most respectable jobs.

Teachers in Pakistan are also respected and valued as people attached with this profession put all their efforts in making the brighter future of the country by educating students well.

But with the passing time, things are changing quickly and some parts of this country are losing its beauty of always paying homage to the teachers.

According to the personal observation, many female teachers in this country were molested by the male students which led them to quit the job as the school administration doesn’t stop enrolling ill-mannered students.

Students also never hesitate to make fun of their teachers despite knowing that much efforts and hardwork teachers put in to make their students successful.

This is also due to lack of quality upbringing from the students’ families. There is no education of ethics, morality and manners given to these students from their home and they end up even molesting and attacking their teachers.

The school administration in this context is also responsible because for the sake of money, most private schools enroll students without any test or on the basis of any criteria and standard. This results in messing up the environment of the whole educational institute.

However, besides the above mentioned issues, there are many other annoying things faced by teachers and we can totally feel them.

1. When people deem the job of teachers as worthless and easy

It’s common perception about the job of teaching that it’s just so easy job and totally worthless as it asks for nothing bigger but merely teaching. This is the most annoying thing for any teacher as the job of teaching demands for the same hardwork just like any other job. Just try spending a day with the students of nursery class and you will get to know how easy this job is.


2. Receiving lack of attention during delivering a lecture which you prepared quite nicely

It’s another most annoying thing for a teacher when she prepared her lecture so well spending hours but in return students don’t even pay a little attention to what their teacher is delivering. This literally makes a teacher so mad and she ends up shouting at class so they can start paying attention.


3. Sometimes parent-teacher meeting is so annoying

The parent-teacher meeting becomes annoying at times too when parents don’t want to accept that how ill-mannered their child is and don’t stop supporting their brazen kid for no reason instead of scolding them. Very often parents start insulting teachers for not teaching effectively as if they were in the class at the time of teaching. All these things are enough to irk any teacher who wants nothing but good for their child.


4. When you don’t know something a student asks in a class

Okay, let’s accept that it’s the most embarrassing and annoying moment when a student asks you something and you don’t know the answer. Instead of covering it up, just tell students that you don’t know and will tell them the answer later. And just tell them the right answer after finding it out; it’s this simple.


5. But then you are labelled as a nalayaik teacher because you failed to answer a question

But things don’t stop over there and then you are labelled as a nalayaik teacher who doesn’t know anything and this is literally annyoing. Like hold on students, teachers are humans and not perfect, so don’t be so judgemental.


However, at one side where there are things that annoy a teacher then at the other side, there are many plus points of being a teacher and all the teachers should enjoy and love their job.

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