5 important facts to know about Scorpio


Look around all the Scorpions! We have some special treat for you. The sign which is considered as a “Sarriyal” one is not any other one but the Scorpio.

Some of the few basic information about Scorpio we know are.

Lucky Color: Red & Violet

Lucky Stones: Red Coral, Bloodstone & Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Numbers: 1,2,7,4

Planets: Pluto & Mars

Metal: Steel


Here we gonna share with you the top 13 reasons why Scorpio is one of the super dashing sign among all the zodiacs.

1. Highly PassionateĀ 

Intense and madly insane about the things they want to really do. Nobody can keep a Scorpio away from fighting for its course. They would tear up all to get what they are up to.


2. Mysterious

They won’t tell you what they are actually thinking and what they are planning next to do. They just keep themselves secretive and keep doing their task.


3. Ambitious

The will to achieve something big never lets them rest at any cost. They keep working hard until something big happens.


4. Extremely Seductive

Scorpios have a magnetic personality that turns heads. They hold an exceptional attractive characteristic that intrigues people and foliage them to experience more.


5. Crazy in loveĀ 

They can fall in love unconditionally and blindly. They won’t care about anything when in love with someone. They keep getting indulged into the pool of love taking their relationship to another level.


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