You Will Be Astonished To Visit These 5 Places For One Day Tour


“Travelling Is a must to live “

I read somewhere whenever you feel like giving up on everything and you lost all your hopes pack your bag and go to far off places

Travel increases the mental well-being  makes us happier, gives us inner peace and motivate us to constantly challenge our inner barriers. In short travel works as a catalyst for us.

We, the inhabitants of Pakistan are blessed with great tourist places that  are not been discovered by most of us and it would be injustice if we don’t visit  at least once.

Following are the five places of Pakistan which are a must try next time you plan your day out and  It would surely be a lifetime experience.


Soon Valley

This beautiful  valley is located in the north west of khushab district. Vaadi -e -soon has been extended to sakesar and that is why it is usually called as soon sakesar valley .The valley’s beauty has been so undermined that not many people come to visit .It has mesmerizing scenic beauty having lots of lakes ,waterfall and jungles. The most interesting part is that sakesar is the only mountain in the whole area that receives snow fall in winter. The weather is humid and scorching in summer season so It is advised to visit in moderate till winter season

Some of its famous picnic points are

  • Lake uchali
  • Lake khubekki
  • Kenhetti gardens (The passage towards the garden is little bit dangerous but amazingly beautiful and it is advisable to visit in day timings as the place is not so safe)


Khanpur Dam and Bamala

The whole travelling experience from Taxila towards khanpur dam is really amazing and refreshing that one cannot ignore a single scene. One of the best places to visit this summer is Khanpur Dam which is undoubtedly one of the best picnic resorts. The most suitable time to visit the place is from November till march. The place provides some adventurous activities like

  • Cliff-diving
  • Jet Skiing
  • Camping at night


Bamala is one (01) hour drive from khanpur dam. situated in the beautiful mountains this place is certainly the heaven on earth. The passage is rough but really stunning. People along with big groups should visit this place as its uninhabited. The serene beauty has surely been hidden from officials but if government take measures and provide some basic necessities there the place can generate revenues from tourism.


Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hills  is almost 94 Kilometers away from its district headquarter of Dadu Sindh and its almost 8 hours drive from Karachi. These hills are the highest among the peaks of kirthar mountains which is really a miracle itself. Out from the burning deserted area of Sindh there is a place which sometimes receives snow falls even. The weather in summers is really pleasant at top. The track towards the hills is really harsh but give enchanting views from both sides. Due to the dangerous track mostly local driver provide services to take the tourists to the top. Although the place lacks the basic facilities but there are news that Sindh govt. is building better roads towards hills and some provisions at the point



Malpur Village

It is one of the oldest villages of Islamabad and is located off the Murree road. The village is 15 minutes drive from the capital and has amazing views of Rawal Lake , Margalla Hills and River kurang. The best time to visit is between October to December. Due to its capability of  bring in the tourism The Capital Development Authority gave it the title of model village .

Attock Khurd

This place is said to be the gateway to central Asia. Located on the river Indus in the district of Attock Punjab. One of the best places of the city is its railway station and it is one of the most beautiful stations of the country the and serves  as tourists resort . This city is famous due to its fort and shrines of saints like Deewan Syed imam Jafer Shah Bukhari.




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