Here Are 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Managed To Recommence Their Career Even After Divorce


The word “Divorce” has always been taken in evil terms, this is the reason why every person falled in this category is considered as shameless in our society. Previously people used to stay at their homes and never talked about divorce and after sometime they always managed to improve relations and they went back to their homes. But nowadays everything has changed everyone wants to step ahead, and if one stops them from heading forward, they just seperates themselves from the other. The mindset has evolved to such extent that the celebrities now shove it off and move ahead with their daily life. Nonetheless, the current lot of the industry doesnt considered it as a set back on their work lives.

Here i’ll come up with some of the celebrities who kept their career perfect even after divorce. Here is the list

1 Shaista Lodhi

Shaista rose to fame from her morning shows on ARY DIGITAL. GEO TELEVISION and many other leading channels of the industry. After this she even got opportunities in making his name in the acting career. During his great achievements and call ups fro the acting industry, she was facing one of the biggest troubles of life. Her relations with her husband were full of stains, it to that extent that she had to take divorce. Firstly she kept this news as a secret, but when this news came to the media as a breaking news, she was never bothered by this and she kept on doing the morning shows. Recently she remarried her cousin Adnan.


2 Nadia Khan

The story of Shaista also came up and affected the married life of Nadia Khan, who als amde his name by doing morning shows on GEO TELEVISION. During her prime, she was the first evr female to host a morning show. While she was at the peak, her husband failed to understand and support her freedom to do whatever she wants to do in her career became a major reason for their divorce. Despite getting depressed, she kept te pace of her work and did many of the amazing shows.


3 Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik showed her taent in many of the hit drama serials which stunned the people that how talented and hard working she is. Back in the days, she was married to Shamoon Abbasi. It was all fine until one day a news came on the social media stating the divorce of Humaima. Everyone was shocked by this. The major reason between their parting of ways was the load of differences between them. Although even after this sudden tragedy, she never stopped and continue her excellent display in front of the cameras. Her mind blowing performance in BOL made her fans go crazy. She also got opportunities from Bollywood, where she went and progressed her talent.


4 Mahira Khan

Mahira is counted in the list of one of the leading actresses that Pakistan is blessed with, not only because of her beauty but also because of his multi- talented brain. From the vvery beginning uptil now, Mahira made sure to nail any department in which she stepped in. After being married at an early age, she suffered a heart breaking divorce. As usual it was once again the career which created the difference between the couple, However, the lady kept on working hard and gave her full performance as nothing happened. From Humsafar till Raees she was mind blowing and won many awards. She has won the heart of almost every person around the globe.


5 Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar was always a big name, whenever it comesto being a female radio superjock. After sometime she also made appearance in drama serials. There is no doubt that she had got load of skills and she also proved it by playing a negative role in one of the best drama serial of HUM TVĀ  “Humsafar” making people hate her to limits. Naveen got married to Salma’s former husband Azfar Ali. Later she revealed that Salma already warned her about marrying her husband. Moving on in 2017, Afzar announced that he has seperated his ways from Naveen and has gotten a divorce. However, Naveen didn’t took much time to get back on the screens and progress. Recently, the actress is working in Pakistani dramas.


Marriage is not a kind of thing which can be broken because of lame reasons, and can be done again. It’s not a game , it’s a lifetime decision. Whoever is at fault, the couple should understand each other and try to stay away from the freaking word divorce.


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