5 Reasons You Should Already Plan Your Trip To Lahore.

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‘jisne Lahore nai dekha, usne kuch v nai dekha’

I am sure most of you would be clearly familiar to this statement that every other Punjabi or Lahori may hit right in your face.

Being a “karachite” I have always wondered of why would they say so? Karachi is simply never less in any category but let me share with you 5 reasons why Lahore is Lahore.

  1. Although we have ‘Qauid Mazar’, we can not compare it to Minar e Pakistan, Wagha Border, and Badshahi Masjid.

Can you even imagine the blissful energetic vibes they hold? Part of history, part of nation
and part of peace. All together at one place… that’s a definite dream list category of course…







Alright now we may have national and international cuisine almost all around Pakistan, but nothing really compares to the “desi ghee” vibes of Lahori dishes. Imagining alo ke parathey with poodine ki chutni, and of course the world famous lassi… how can you even not…?

(they also have the best gol gappas… trust me)






3. Whats the next important thing to you after food?

Shopping girls ! Its shopping. And let me tell you, the variety of cultural stuff and shopping festivals you’ll get to experience in Lahore, you are getting that nowhere else! Whether it’s the brand conscious audience or the handicraft inspired audience! There’s room for all.




4. Mughal Era

There’s no possible way that being a Pakistani child you haven’t heard of the ‘Mughals’.

History at its finest. It’s not just a fascinating experience, but it’s a blissful essence of the great hidden stories and the significant scent of a proud nation.

How can we deny that?








5. Even though celebrations are a part of our nations joy, there are none as great as compared to the Lahori festivals. Not a signal chance that they wouldn’t celebrate.

Such amount of energy and welcoming gesture, that every eye would certainly want to once please the inner self.







For the fact, Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Breaking the odds, Lahore is not just ahead in education, significant building constructions, and the metro rail… it is also a fascinating tourism attraction holding the proud memories of Pakistan.

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