5 Things You Get To Hear In Pakistan If You Have Dark Coloured Skin

Dark coloured skin

Pakistanis have some weird obsession with the fair skin colour and they never cease to make it their priority. Naturally, you are undesirable and unlikeable by many people if you possess dark coloured skin.

Though fair skin colour is never a definition of beauty but Pakistanis managed to make it the only meaning of beauty.

There are some weird and stupid things every person with dark coloured skin in Pakistan had heard atleast once in their life and we all are like wth!

1. Use ‘falan and timkan’ skin whitening cream

Every person with dark coloured skin has heard it by many at different occasions that you are turning kaali/kaala day by day, use ‘falan and timkan’ skin whitening cream otherwise you will become more like this; as if becoming darker is a curse or disease.

To all those suggesting others to use skin whitening creams, I suggest you, to use your brain which will help you realize that becoming darker is nothing bad. This will help you all to shut your mouths and stop giving worthless ‘muft mashwaray.’

Much to blame the brands of skin whitening creams which idealize the fairer skin colour and regard it as the true epitome of beauty.

Dark coloured skin

2. The comparison game

If by nature, two siblings posses different skin colour, i-e; one fairer and other darker. Then the darker ones always get to hear the phrases which consist utter bullshit of comparing them with their fairer siblings.

The one doing the comparison thing doesn’t even realize that how badly it could affect the minds of darker persons. They can also develop the feeling of hatred towards their fairer siblings.

But to all those facing the comparison stupidity, don’t let the negativity affect you in any case; rather learn to ignore it.

Dark coloured skin
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3. Haw! What happened to you?

If by chance you met any stupid aunty at any occasion, they never stop to say that, “Haw! What happened to you? You have become darker.” Like, aunty is haw-haying the dark colour as if the person got some severe disease.

Being black is nothing to feel sympathized about. Being black is as normal as being fairer or excessively chitta. Aunties need to calm down and stop over reacting.

Dark coloured skin

4. You won’t get any ‘rishta’

If you are a dark coloured skin girl, then you will be haunted by the “she won’t get any rishta” phrase.

First of all, who wants rishta?

It’s the time when girls no more fear the thought of not getting any rishta. They built themselves to the heights that they end up needing no rishta.

Dark coloured skin
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5. She has used more base to hide her black coloured skin

So if a dark coloured skin girl doesn’t put any makeup then she has been told, “Oh! Girl start using makeup, that falan base is so nice for your skin.”

And if they put the makeup on, then the same will whisper, “Aray! Look at her. She has used this much base to hide her dark skin.”

Dark coloured skin

So girls and boys, simply, it’s impossible to match the standards of the society, so it’s better to slay in your lane with the darker coloured skin as black is the new lovely.

Above all, it’s primarily important to know that beauty doesn’t only lie in being fairer or darker. Beauty is a whole wide idea that covers many terms including, good nature, high character, nice features, perfect figure and many. So everyone is pretty and beautiful in their own way and no one is ever ugly.

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