5 Top Most Famous Celebrities Of Pakistani Drama/Film Industry


Pakistan is the country full of wealthy and handsome celebrities. There are many celebrities who came and conquered the whole filming industry of Pakistan, but as per today the top 5 celebrities of Pakistan are:

1.Fawad Afzal Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan is one of the most handsome Pakistani star.He is one of the full actors unlike others.He contributes in almost all spheres of filming World including acting,singing,modeling, producing and many other.Fawad khan started his career from very below through a local band known to be as Entity Paradigm also called as EP.This band was highly known for melodies such as “Mein Rahun Ga”.He than participated in film named “Khuda Kay Liye” one of the most popular Pakistani movie which helped Fawad Khan to become one of the most succesfull.After this many doors started to open for him ,slowly and gradually he started working in films and dramas.He also worked in a most succesfull drama serial of Hum TV channel “Humsafar” this made him one of the best actor in Pakistan.After this he also played a vital role in a drama named “zindagi gulzar ha”,this made him more popular.His fame started attracting the eyes of Bollywood .He went their rocked them by performing a role of Hero in a movie known as “khoobsurat”.Because of his mind blowing performance he also recieved a Filmfare Award.


2.Mahira Khan

Mahira Hafeez Khan, the face of Pakistan ,the most stylish and beautiful actress in Pakistan filming industry started his career as a VJ on MTV Pakistan, she did th shows named  “Most Wanted”, “Weekends with Mahira” and some others.She was soon able to found his way as a host and eventually she became popular aomng the star faces of Pakistan.She had a aim of becoming one of the best in this particular industry and she was succesfull.

Mahira started recieving offers for modelling for brands like “Pantene”.Mahira was hit as a top actress after performing in of the most appreciated film of Pakitan “Bol”.After this she also made a appearance in a drama serial named “Niyat” by this she became well known in  the industry.Mahira didn’t stopped and went on from hit to hit like “Humsafar”, “Sher e Zaad” and many others.She was also caught by the eyes of Bollywood, he worked alondside with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan in a movie named “Raees”.Mahira today is admired in all over the country for his astonishing acting and abilities.


3.Ayan Ali

Ayan Ali is another top class super model of Pakistan, she began his career in 2010.She already had a capibility of becoming one of the best and she showed that by winning the title of the best rising star in 2011.She worked with popular brands namely HSY,Gul Ahmed and Karma.Slowly and gradually she became more popular and soon she became the brand ambassador of Ufone.She didn’t stepped aside ,she went on and she became the ambassador of Magnum ice cream,she also won many awards in her modelling career.In 2014 she wanted to represent Pakistan in the Miss universe Beauty Pageant.She released a song known as “You and I”.Another song was also introduced by her ,with the name ,Making Dollars”.

2015 was one of the most intense and worst year of her life.She was caught by the Airport security in Dubai for money laundering.Nowadays she is behing the bars at Adiala Jail.


4.Ayesha Umer

Ayesha Umer is one the most complete adn multitalented actress in the history of Pakistan filming industry.She has worked in  almost all fields in this industry from VJ to modelling,acting and now even singing.Ayesha Umer has worked in drama serials for most popular TV channels like Hum TV,GEO TV and ARY.She was greatly enhance for her character of “Khubsurat” in one of the most popular comedy drama serial “bulbulay” which is telecasted on ARY Digital.She also became popular while performing for a drama most hit drama “Zindagi Gulazar Ha” and also “Dolly ki Dolli”.She is also starring in a Pakistani movie named “Karachi say Lahore”.

Ayesha also represented some of the famous brands like Kurkure ,Zong ,Capri, etc .This helped Ayesha to establish a solid grip in the industry.She also won the Lux Style Award for the best album.



5.Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is not out of the battle.He is the most popular Pakistani actor best known for his performance in a drama serial “Pyaar e Afzal”, by this he got the recognition in the industry. He soon interfered on the big screen motion pictures like “Main hu Shahid Afridi”.

Hamza Ali mostly gained attention of his fans because of his political perspective.In his new film ” Jawani Phir nhi Ani” he was seen performing shirtless alongside Saba Qamar, he was hit hard by the people accusing him to be in serious relation with Saba , but later he admired that “he and Saba are just friends,close friends”Nowadays he is mostly held back by criticism.



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