These 7 Pakistani Dramas Gave Us Some Great Life Lessons

Pakistani dramas

Pakistani dramas are undoubtedly best ever and it’s not at all easy to make something as remarkable as the Pakistani shows.

Instead of showing so much glamour and unnecessary stuff, in Pakistani dramas, it is preferred to throw light on real issues that people face in their lives. That’s why people find Pakistani dramas so relatable.

From lessons about struggles of life and how to handle them to things about marital life and professional life, Pakistani serials hardly fail to guide people rightly.

Also, most important part of any Pakistani drama is its dialogues. The dialogues always have a great impact and they add life to the shows.

From Zindagi Gulzar Hai to Yakeen Ka Safar and from Daam to Udaari, Pakistani dramas gave us some real life lessons and told us some very bitter realities of this arduous journey to which we call ‘life.’

1. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Pakistani dramas

“Shikway se shuker tak ka safar”Zindagi Gulzar Hai told us that life will give you lemons but you have to find the blessings in disguise and should always be thankful to Allah.

Also, this drama threw light on that how daughters are deemed as unwanted in the stereotypical societies but they are equally important as sons and can turn out to be not only equal but much better than a beta.

2. Shehr E Zaat

Pakistani dramas

Shehr E Zaat talked about the spiritual journey of a person in this life to which he mostly gets introduced to when something hurts him, like too much. This drama discussed the relation of a man with his Allah.

“Allah ki muhabbat kay siwaye har muhabbat ko zawal hai, phir Wo sab kuch dikha kar admi se kehta hai ab bata tera Merey siwa kaun hai.” (One of the best dialogues of Shehr E Zaat that told us that only Allah’s love is true love).

3. Yakeen Ka Safar

Pakistani dramas

Yakeen Ka Safar covered so many subjects and similarly gave us a lot of lessons. It told us that one should always fight for the justice and it could lead one to face death. It also told us that how criminals are protected by the powerful ones.

This drama also talked about the domestic abuse and how man regrets about it when it’s too late. Yakeen Ka Safar also showed the professional life of doctors and how much they do effort to save the human lives. It also taught us that truth prevails always and doing good with the one who wronged you will elevate you.

4. Daam

Pakistani dramas

The old serial Daam gave us real life lessons and showed us bitter realities of life. Daam told us that how best friends can turn out to be the real monsters and that how one should remain careful always.

Also, this drama showed us that your sibling can be the one betraying you and that marrying the one you don’t love is such a trap. Daam also told us that how tough life is in the poverty.

5. Durr E Shehwar

Pakistani dramas

Durr E Shehwar is the remarkable play ever as it was just so relatable. This drama covered the subject which most of the Pakistani wives can relate to. Enduring the pain of getting ignored by the husbands and targeted by the mothers-in-law is what a story of every Pakistani housewife.

On the other hand, this show told us that how man realizes his mistakes at old age or when karma hits in a way when his own daughter is treated the way he treated his wife. Honestly, so relatable it was!

6. Udaari

Pakistani dramas

Udaari talked about the child abuse and aware people that how your child can be targeted by a very closed one so parents shouldn’t trust anyone.

Also, this Pakistani drama showed that how much it’s important to talk against the rapist which can lead him to be behind the bars. This drama also told us that using talent rightly can do wonders and that we shouldn’t regard anyone inferior.

7. Kankar

Pakistani dramas

Kankar was another relatable Pakistani drama which told us that how domestic abuse once started hardly stops. Kankar told us the power of speaking up for yourself no matter you are alone or not. This show showed us that how speaking up can later elevate you and tolerating the abuse should never be the option. Your self-esteem is important than any other thing.

This drama also taught us that if you will abuse your wife then your son will turn out to be the same abusive husband which you were back then. This will eventually bring a negative impact on not only his married life but also on the society as a whole, which is so toxic.

Another important lesson Kankar gave us that hey you men! If today you will beat your wife then tomorrow your daughter will be beaten up by her husband too, so either be ready to see your daughter getting abused or stop abusing your wife today for a blissful future.

With all the golden lessons, Pakistani dramas are always a delight to watch and one should atleast once watch the shows we talked about today.

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