7 Questions From “Yakeen Ka Safar” You Always Wanted Answers Of And Here They Are

Yakeen ka safar

Yakeen Ka Safar did get over with its all the magic and twists but it left some questions, unanswered behind.

No, no! We don’t mean that drama¬†failed to tell us a whole story. It’s just that when people get hooked to something, they deeply examine and observe everything. Also, they never want it to end and want more out of it.

Consequently, this led them to be curious to know more about many things which might not be essential or there would be no room to show those parts in a serial on TV.

Similarly, we also wanted to know the answers of many things from “Yakeen Ka Safar” and thanks to Farhat Ishtiaq who is writer of this outclass play, that we got our answers.

Women’s Own Magazine asked some questions from Farhat Ishtiaq and helped us get to know the answers of many little pieces and picks from “Yakeen Ka Safar.”

1. What Asfandyar thought when Zubia sent her “Love you darling” message, mistakenly?

To this question, Farhat Ishtiaq replied that, “At first, Asfandyar got shocked that how Zubia could send her such thing right away and he scolded her. But later on, he realized that it was merely a mistake and nothing else.”

Yakeen ka safar

2. Did Zubia and Asfi ever talk about the “Love you darling” text?

“Yes! On the wedding night, Asfandyar showed the message to Zubia as he had saved it in his phone and then teased her about it.” – Farhat Ishtiaq

Yakeen ka safar

3. When actually did Asfandyar fall in love with Zubia?

“He had this kind of soft corner for Zubia for quite a time but he was denying it. But the first time, Asfandyar really noticed her, it was when she asked him to help Khajista. He was seeing Daniyal in him. And after that rainy night, he completely had fallen in love with Zubia,” Farhat Ishtiaq.

Yakeen ka safar

4. What did Zubia receive from Asfi as “moonh dikhayi”?

“Perhaps, at first, a medical book on liver to remind Zubia about the wrong treatment she did once and got scolded as well. But that would be just to tease her. Later, he would have given her some jewellery.” – Farhat Ishtiaq

Yakeen ka safar

5. How Noori can bring such a big rifle in a political rally despite the security?

“The drama was a fiction and we could take some liberty but these things actually happen as well. When a person was at peak of devastation as Noori was and wants revenge, he can do what Noori did without caring about results.” – Farhat Ishtiaq

Yakeen ka safar

6. Why Khala was telling every single thing to a stranger Rashid?

“Actually Khala has been portrayed as a naive, ghareloo woman and Asfandyar being intelligent was able to get all the information from Khala, smoothly,” Farhat Ishtiaq.

Yakeen ka safar

7. If Dr. Asfandyar trusted Zubia then why he cancelled the wedding?

“He never stopped trusting Zubia but actually he was disappointed that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth,” Farhat Ishtiaq.

Yakeen ka safar

Finally, all the curiosity has been to it’s end and we are already imagining the scenes in our heads.

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