These 7 Things Show That Your Ex Might Still Feel For You


To be honest, experiencing quite much years in this world, this can be concluded that some relationships are actually suffocationships as your partner traps you in an isolated world which leads to suffocation eventually. This then ends up in breakdown of the relation and filthy fights between both the parties. It’s actually very uncommon, among desis especially, to keep good terms with the ex.

Very rarely people remain good friends after breakups and divorces. The reason is obvious; one party or both in many cases raise false accusations against each other and never miss a single chance to degrade their rivals (well, call them rivals if the case is with theĀ desis). The anticipated outcome is definitely to be in each other’s bad books.

We have very few examples of exes being good friends; like take Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith for instance. Both share good bond even after divorce and it’s appreciable as it makes a healthy society.

But keeping these things aside, there is another side of the exes and their attitude after breakups. This side is that your ex might still love you and feel for you but can’t confess that.

However, it’s totally your right and choice to how to deal with the strange attitude of your ex after breakup or divorce but the first step is to know that your ex feels for you still after parting the ways.

Here are 7 things that can tell you enough that your ex might still be into you.

1. They come to you first to be “just friends”

After all the drama of breakup, they come to you like, “hey! Let’s be just friends?”


2. Then second thing your ex does is to see you every other day for no reason but a reason

Your former partner might just come to see you every other day by making reasons like, to return your very unimportant shopping bill. Like who cares about the bill?


3. They kinda miss you

They probably don’t say it directly but try to be over smart and come up with phrases like, “my pet misses you.”


4. Your former partner talks much about old days when you both were together

Your ex never misses a moment to go back into the past and talk about all the crazy things you people did together.


5. They really wanna know what’s happening in your love life

They are always curious that what’s really happening in your love life? Actually they look worried when you talk about getting married.


6. Your ex very often apologizes for the past mistakes they made

They most often apologizes for every single time they hurt you and to be honest, at times, it’s too late.


7. They not only ask you to hang out with them but also mould themselves the way you want

They offer you mostly to hang out with them and at times, you can notice that they have completely changed themselves exactly the way you like.


However, there is no proven research on the above mentioned points but love or emotions either can’t be detected by any instrument or statistics.

These things are just felt from inside and having said that, it’s all your choice to how to react or act on your ex’s feelings for you.

You can talk with them about boundaries, you can ignore them, you can shut the hell out of them or you can reunite with them.

It’s totally your decision and you are important; so think about yourself before your ex, then decide and take good care of yourself.

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