These 7 Traits Make You Kinda Intimidating


To have a personality that intimidate others is both a plus point and a drawback. It is plus point in a way that those who really are worth of to be the part of your life will stay there no matter how intimidating you are.

On the other hand, you never know that being intimidating might result in you losing the potential friends or partners.

Like you might fear of losing some good people of your life because of your daunting personality but you can’t help that even as nature hardly changes.

But hold on and relax! As having a daunting personality is not that bad. In fact, it is much more positive if we deeply analyse such personalities and their traits that make them.

Also, it’s a common perception that who are meant to be yours will be yours and who ain’t for you will never be with you. So, it becomes kind of easy for you people to possess intimidating personality without any fear.

So, better to own your such personality rather than losing it for others but please be little kind, like little, please?

However, here are some 7 traits that make you kinda intimidating and you know what? These traits are worth having as they are nothing but real, so, so real.

1. You master the art of reading other people very quickly

You have got quite strong intuitive abilities and you can tell in seconds that what kind of a person someone is. Honest, brutal, cunning, disloyal; it takes you moments to tell what this person is and honestly that’s scary.


2. People with intimidating personality talk directly and always get straight to the point

These kind of people are very blunt and straightforward. They talk directly what they want to say and never shy to drop the truth bombs. This makes them actually very intimidating.


3. You prefer to be yourself

You prefer to be yourself than faking it as you don’t try to make others happy by being fake. You do things your way and don’t care about what others think. This not only makes you daunting but rebellious as well.


4. Neither you make excuses nor you accept any and that’s kinda er…scary

Making excuses is something not a part of your dictionary. You don’t make excuses but say it directly or most probably you don’t delay things which eradicates the chances of making excuses.

Also, you don’t accept the excuses because to you, it’s something so weak done by the weak. You believe in “where there is a will, there is a way” and that obviously intimidate people around you.


5. You never get jealous of anyone

You don’t get jealous of anyone because firstly, you don’t do the comparison game and secondly, your heart is so pure and you are so honest, that you can’t think of getting jealous of anyone. You wish good for others simply.

This frees you from getting into petty things and consequently, you focus on your own goals which may be fearful for the ones who envy.


6. You love to make use of new opportunities and never waste them

You grab new opportunities like new chances and don’t waste them at any cost. This makes your other competitors very scary.


7. You just don’t tolerate stupid people, like not at all

Tolerating stupid people and their trash talk is not possible for you and you prefer to ignore them or shut them up if they utter something stupid. This makes people around you very careful and your personality daunting.


So, if you possess above mentioned traits, then my friend you are kind of intimidating (it’s attractive btw) and it’s not bad, it’s good actually because you are real which is rare and that’s why people fear this.

There is nothing wrong with you, all is wrong with the fake people and society. But please, do one favour, that is, be little kind, like little, please, thank you, just little okay.

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