Jeremy McLellan’s post made quite a ruckus between Pakistanis


Jeremy McLellan is a stand up comedian based in Charleston, SC where he won the 2015 and 2016 Charleston Stand up Comedy Competition and was named Best Local Comic in the Charleston City Paper. In addition to telling jokes all over the country he has also performed with TJ Miller, Todd Barry,  Tig Notaro, Mark Normand and others. Never one to shy away from controversy, his material covers a wide range of hot-button topics like politics, gender, race, disability, religion, and Santa Claus.

Not only that, he is a lover of Biryani, Muslims and observing from his social media, he has absolutely fallen in love with Pakistan.

He arrived here in Pakistan on the 3rd of August, 2017. Travelling around the country, he visited many cities with his dental team from America and Pakistan.

He even celebrated 14 August with Pakistani’s as it was the independence day of Pakistan. Some of his posts have made quite a ruckus between the Pakistani’s. The most recent one of them is this one

which says. ” I used the word “kutta” correctly in my last post and everyone corrected me saying I meant “kurta” You guys, give me some credit. I know how to spell. “Kutta” means dog, “kurta” means a kind of a shirt and “khota” is a Lahori word for biryani”

Now this post was made in reference of a video which compiled a few of his pics from his social media account as a tribute to him in which he was wearing a green colored kurta and another pic in which he captured a pic of a stray dog and said that he missed his pet dog back in America.

This post of his made quite a ruckus because of the fact that donkey (khota) meat was found in some of the restaurants in Lahore. Not all of them, but still a lot of Pakistanis make fun of Lahoris for eating donkey meat as food.

And obviously, Jeremy being the charmingly funny man he is, made this post which made everyone laugh.

Some of his other posts are eve funnier such as this one

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