The Elections of NA-120, 17 September 2017


NA-120 fell vacant after the disqualification of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif which happened on July 28 2017 by the order of the five main judges of the supreme court of Pakistan

Preparations for the NA-120 Election have been completed and the polling of the election started today, 17 September 2017, Sunday.

Army personnel are guarding the polling stations. No one apart from the presiding officers were allowed in the building till the polling started.

According to the Election Commission Pakistan a hundred Biometric polling machines have been installed at 39 polling stations. 324,786 voters have registered themselves for voting and the voting has been going on since 8 in the morning.

NA-120 is a stronghold of the PMLN. From 1988, any person who has been picked up by Nawaz Sharif has raced to victory. Nawaz Sharif himself has won three times.

In 1988 this constituency was held as NA-95. Then the NA-95 and NA-96 were joined together to form NA-120.

This polling will keep on going till 5’o clock in the evening. The competition is tough between Kalsoom Nawaz from PMLN and Yasmin Rashid from PTI.

Yasmin Rashid also contested for this seat in 2013 but lost with substantial margin. According to Faisal Meer, the votes cast to Dr Yasmin Rashid in 2013 in NA-120 were originally a vote bank of PPP. So if we try to read between the lines PTI has no personal vote bank.

Kalsoom Nawaz was born in Kashmiri family of Lahore. She is the grandaughter of the wrestler Gama pehlwan. She attended Islamia college and then Forman Christian College for graduation. She then completed her masters from University of Punjab Jati Umrah after marriage. She became the president of PMLN in 1999 but then resigned in 2002.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2017 and went to London for diagnosis while her papers for election were challenged by PTI  but the allegations of false and incomplete information were declared Null and Void by the court.

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