8 Most Beautiful Pakistani Celebrities (MEN) On Instagram


Pakistan, our country is full of beauty in any form. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in the world. We have many beautiful places. We have large Mountains, beautiful rivers, big desserts, heritage yes beauty is found in every corner of Pakistan. But today we do some chit chat about Pakistani celebrities. Our women and their beauty is celebrated all around the world and the entire globe,besides our dashing fawad khan, humayun saeed, Imran abbass, there are some men out there who are beautiful and attractive but unfortunately there is not a lot of people out there who know them.

So here, some of the most beautiful, Pakistani men which you people might not know about:

Emmad irfani

Emmad is one of the best looking men, his looks are amazing and also he worked in different drama series, personaly I really like him =D


Noor-ul-hassan is the best model ever, also he has always been around as a host, an actor, but there are many people who may not know about him so, know them here.

Good evening! 🙂

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The handsome the charming and the extremely well spoken jahan e Khalid. He has lots of fans because of his looks also he makes women melt every time when they see him and also when he open his mouth too. He turns up the heat when he walks the ramp.


Ahmad ali akhbar

A television actor, a theater actor, a singer, composer, and professional owner of good looks, Ahmed Ali Akbar is the ultimate cutie who knows it is his time to shine now. He has a show running on television, right now, he is providing soundtracks for movies, and he is looking good while he is at it!

Usman mukhtar

He has been a bit of an internet celebrity for a while, however, people just don’t appreciate him enough. And they really need to. He is directed some brilliant videos, also he is made hilarious sketches on YouTube, and he is just an all-rounder when it comes to entertainment.

Such a lazy day #koimujhebaharlejaaye #hanginoutwithmyself

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Hasnain lehri

Hasnain Lehri is one of the best looking men in this country. He is got that rugged look, but he also emits this warm vibe that just wants you to go up to him and have a conversation.

Abbas jafri

Abbas and his beautiful locks have been entertaining us for a really long time. And he is just perfect in everything he does.

#AJ #Fashionvideo #Comingsoon

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Salman shaukat

Salman has a very beautiful voice. Looks are perfect so, allow him to make you go weak in the knees with his looks. He is one of the best singers we have around, and people really really really need to start appreciating this man more!


So guys, who you like the most??? share your thoughts right here with us below.




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