8 Movie Quotes That Define “Dost and Dosti” Way Too Well


If the word “dosti” brings smile at your face then you definitely have got some nice dost. Friends are the most important part of a life if they come fit to the definition of a true friend.

To be honest, it’s hard to find a real friend but when you have the one, just keep him because you might not get a true buddy again.

In a world of millions, it happens very rarely to get connected with someone who completely understands you even if you don’t utter a word.

It’s very fortunate to have a strong bond with someone who is not only your best friend but a soulmate too. Yeap, yeap! You read it right. Soulmate is not only your partner or husband but your dost can be your soulmate too and that’s so pleasant.

Friends are important because there are many things in life which you can’t share with your family but you can do share with your pal.

Real friends are the ones you fight with at one moment and the very other moment, you both are talking like nothing happened. This is the beauty of friendship which is priceless.

However, while sitting aside your window, you wait for your dost to pick you up to hang out, you might have thought at least once that why this person is so important? What does this bond with him mean to you? You can name this bond as “dosti” (friendship) and to that person your “dost” but can you define these two terms?

Yes, you can but at times this bond and the word friend are not easy to be defined as they are something important and special. Thus words might fail to do justice with their definitions.

But guess what? We have found out some amazing quotes from the Bollywood movies that define “dost and dosti” way too well.

So, here’s to dost and dosti!

1. “Zindagi main dost toh kai atay hain, liken puranay dost us jeans ki tarah hotay hain, jisey pehentey hi you become free – free to be yourself.” – Purani Jeans


2. “Dost aur maukay baar baar nahi ataay.” – Shoot Out At Wadala


3. “Kabhi kabhi dosti nibhanay kay liye, doston kay saath thori dushmani bhi karni parhti hai.” – Footpath


4. “Dosti wo huti hai jo jeena sikhati hai, marna nahi.” – Any Body Can Dance


5. Chahe mar hum jayein phir bhi marham laga kay jayeinge. Dost kay dil se utar kar nahi, dost kay dil mein utar kay jayeinge.” Chashme Badoor


6. “Dosti ki bhasha sab se alag huti hai, woh sirf dil ki baat sunti hai.” – Pathshala


7. “Pyaar main junoon hai par dosti main sukoon hai.” – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


8. “Achay dost milna mushkil hai, aur sachay dost milna us se bhi mushkil.” – Barkhaa


From Purani Jeans to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Bollywood movies did give us the best and apt definitions of friendship and friend(s).

However, Pakistani songs also did celebrate this bond equally. From Yaro Yahi Dosti Hai to Teri Meri Aisi Dosti, we can never get over such masterpieces ever.

So, if you have a friend and you can relate these quotes and songs with him, then my dear, you are lucky to have the one.

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