8 Signs That You Both Are Best Friends For Three Years

Best friends

Best friends are the most amazing and fun people on the earth. It is the most beautiful and amazing relation one can have as infront of best friends you don’t care about anything and just be yourself.

From chatting till late at night to fun at sleepovers and from shopping together to getting ready for a party with each other; best friends are all about fun and love.

Some people have got their spouses as their best friends forever, some have siblings while some have their cousins as their best friends too. However, there are some people who share this bond with totally strangers.

Many people have been best friends for months and some have been for years. However, here are few sings which can totally prove that you both are best friends for three years. Long time, yeah.

1. You have your own secret language

You can talk in even secret language with each other after a long time of about three years and it’s not surprising that you both can aptly get each other by code language.

Best friends

2. You say “we” and “us” automatically instead of “I” and “my”

Automatically, you say “we” instead of “I” after sharing the bond for three years and it’s quite lovely.

Best friends

3. Telling your buddy everything

Both best friends can’t live a day without telling the happenings to each other and there is nothing secret among them.

Best friends

4. Best friends are comfortable talking about things, they don’t talk with others

Best friends can talk about every stupid to sane thing with each other without feeling any shame. Because after all you both are now quite frank with each other.

Best friends

5. You are too blunt infront of each other

Uttering words without giving them a second thought is what happens between best friends very often and bluntness is very common among them for all the right reasons.

Best friends

6. You know what’s in their wardrobe and mind

From what’s in their minds to what’s in their wardrobe, a best friend knows every single thing because she is not less than a soulmate.

Best friends

7. Getting mad at each other one minute and texting “hi!” the very other second

You both get mad at each other very often but can’t resist and text each other the very other second.

Best friends

“Don’t talk to me ever again,” says one.

“Hi!,” texts back the same after a second passed hardly who asked not to talk again.

8. Whatever, you love each other a lotttttt

Whatever ups and downs your friendship has faced in all these years, you both still love each other alot and are more than siblings to each other in the past three years.

Best friends

If your friendship is real and based on loyalty rather than on purposes and needs then it’s a long road that you both are going to cover together in the future and yes, only death can separate you both.

Best friends are important parts of lives and things become really boring and hard without them. If you have one and that too for three years, then keep her because there might be no other like her.

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