8 Small changes to be happy and healthy in your life


Life.. life is unpredictable. Sometimes we are happy and we want to live each bit of this happy moment of life. But  sometimes we feel low and we forget to take care of ourself. In such situations we are more worried. We try to make ourself happy but we can’t. Or even we take steps to solve our problems but no chance. However, we have to grow up some changes and we try to make them in our regular habits.  It has a huge impact on our health and fitness. So, there are some changes which can help us to achieve the goals of life.

1 Try to wake up early

All of us try to wake up early in the morning. It can make us healthy, fit and less stressful. This change has a great impact on our daily mood.


2 Try to use less social media

We all knows that in this era of life we can’t live without using social media but remember one thing we have to use this under some limitations. It can affect our health and mental growth. It also can help us to feel less lonely and we can do things which we left everyday when we are on social media.


3 Try to laugh express your emotions and have SEX!!

These are such activities which can make us really happy and relaxed. When you laugh it reduces stress and make you feel calm. When you express your emotions and share your feelings with one who can really understand you, this is the way to keep smiling and you can fit , healthy from inside. SEX!! Yes, this activity can also help us to fit mentaly.


4 Try to care about your personal hygiene

You must have to care about your personal hygiene. This is very important point to maintain our lifestyle.  It not only make us feel clean and tidy but make us feel better and giving us confidence  in such activities which we do in our daily life.


5 Try to say “NO”

You must be a superman of your life , but you can’t do everything. People think you can do everything but there are some limits to our skills. We must have to leave things which we cannot.  In such situations say a big “NO” to one and move on. It is a big change which make you happy and healthy.

6 Try to sleep early

We must have to sleep early as soon as possible, but we can’t as you all know. We have to cover almost 8 hours of our sleep which is very important for our health and for our body to work properly. If we ignore this chance we have to fight with some diseases like hormonal imbalance, weight gain and even also some types of cancer.


7 Try to go for a walk

Yes, walk. Walk is the best way to keep our body fit and healthy. It also help us to be calm and relaxed. It help us to maintain our blood circulation. 30 minute walk is more sufficient to feel more healthy.


8 Try to set your targets

Oo yes, every body has some targets in his/her life. First you write down all of your targets on page and then start thinking about it. You get lots of ideas in your mind and you work hard to achieve your goals. This change refreshes your mind and make your mental level fit and healthy.


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