8 Struggles Only The Youngest Siblings Can Relate To

Youngest siblings

To be honest, all the youngest siblings out there deserve some award for going through all the struggles with so much patience.

Living the life of a youngest sibling is not as easy as it looks. Like you are the one who has to follow the orders of the elder ones without saying a word.

You are the one who hears all the time, “don’t dare to misbehave with your elder sibling no matter what.”

You aren’t allowed to protest because you are the youngest one, you have to agree to everything because you are the youngest, you should stay quiet during important discussions because you are the little piece of the home.

In short, you are of no use just because you are the chotoo/choti of the family. Like so what if you are the youngest? You can think, you can talk and you can get annoyed.

Playing the role of the youngest sibling is quite tough and there 8 out of many struggles of the youngest siblings about which we will talk today.

1. You become the target of your elder siblings’ bad mood

You become the target of your elder siblings’ mood swings. Very often it’s their bad mood which you have to tolerate and oh! You can’t say a word because you are the little one.

Youngest siblings

2. You have to do so much drama; like to cry artificially to scare the elder one

Only weapon the youngest siblings possess is to cry out loud to intimidate the elder ones. Crying dramatically is not easy and youngest ones have to do this to survive.

Youngest siblings

3. You are the one who becomes the subject of the experiments

You have to become the subject of the experiments of your baray behan bhai so that they can prove themselves and being a little one, you have no choice but to stay quiet and pray for the success of the experiment.

Youngest siblings

4. You have to go through the shitty pranks of your big siblings

Being youngest, you are the ultimate target of the shitty pranks of the big ones and you can’t even take the revenge because you are the little poor sibling.

Youngest siblings

5. You are being deprived of your own food always

So very happily you order your pizza and plan to eat at 12 in the night but when you go to eat it then it’s either all or partly eaten most of the time and then you can’t do anything but to have what’s left.

Youngest siblings

6. Youngest siblings don’t get any personal space

As you are the youngest so you don’t know about the lemons of life so why do you need space and for what? Sorry youngest siblings, there is no personal space for you people.

Youngest siblings

7. TV remote is never your property

Either the TV remote is with the oldest one or the middle one and you are not even deserving candidate for having the remote. You can’t get that even after a fight.

Youngest siblings

8. You can’t even use the bathroom properly

So it’s very common that whenever any youngest sibling decides to take the shower, the elder one suddenly feels the extreme need to use the bathroom and the youngest ones are like, “wth?”

Youngest siblings

However, the youngest siblings despite going through all the struggles don’t take things at heart and enjoy the life no matter what.

(Note: This article is not meant to incite any wrong thing and is totally written for the purpose of fun so it should be taken lightly. There are perks of being youngest sibling as well and we can’t deny that. Cheers!)

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