8 Things Only People Living With Anxiety Can Feel


Anxiety is one of the biggest problems that many people of our society suffer from and immediate relief from it is never easy.

Anxiety and depression can literally exhaust a person and people living with them are always disturbed and emotionally unstable.

People with anxiety hardly show that they are deep inside so depressed and enduring so much pain. In front of people, they appear to be all fine no matter what.

Also, our society plays a toxic role in further ruining the state of such people as opening up about their problems in front of the society is always judged in a most negative way. Like, usually here, victim is blamed instead of holding the culprit responsible.

1. Being always mentally exhausted

People living with anxiety are most of the time mentally exhausted and find it hard to focus on their daily life routine. It’s real tough to deviate yourself from the pain you are enduring deep inside and work normally.


2. Mostly people living with anxiety are guilty

Such People always blame themselves of the things even they are not responsible for. This trait makes them extremely sensitive too and they are just so quick to hold themselves responsible for others mistakes even.


3. Always over thinking about every conversation they are part of

Over thinking is what common in all people suffering from anxiety and they think just too much about every single conversation they are part of. From first to last word, they think about every this and that.


4. Social media can be stressful too

Such people easily get stressed by the use of social media as well. They try to resist posting anything on social media at first. But if by chance, they post anything on Facebook, Twitter etc. they get depressed with the lack of likes or offensive comments.


5. Always involved in comparison

Always unsatisfied from themselves due to extreme depression, they do lots of comparison game. They compare themselves with other people on the basis that how content and happy people around them are and in contrast how unhappy and in pain they are. This results in depressing them even more and ultimately the level of anxiety gets higher.


6. Less sleep

Due to extreme tensions, it’s almost impossible for people living with anxiety to have a peaceful, perfect sleep. Due to exhausted mentality and lack of peace of mind, they often have sleepless nights.


7. Afraid of future

Due to losses they have faced in the past, these people are always afraid of the future and its consequences. Future is always terrifying for them because of their distressing past as they fear the possibilities of happening of something traumatic.


8. All the mistakes and errors are major for people living with anxiety

These people always deem little errors and mistakes of them as very major. They over think and try to make even little issues look just too big. As a result, this leads them to fall in a total trap of self-bashing and losing the confidence.


However, it’s really hard to live life with toxic states like anxiety and depression. These things literally exhaust a person; so, all they need is a dose of positive talk everyday as a treatment in order to take them out of such depressed state so they can live with all the peace of mind and happiness.

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